8 New Movie Sites Like GenVideos

When searching for websites like GenVideos online, you’ll often have to do a lot of digging. There are tons of good movie sites, but only a handful of them are actually worth using. We’ve narrowed down the very best websites like GenVideos so you can quickly stream new movies online.

If you’re wondering, what is GenVideos, you’ve come to the right place. GenVideos is a place where videos and movies of all genres are shared online. This makes it super simple for you to watch free movies online. While GenVideos movies are free and often high quality, the website is rather complicated to use.

That’s why we found the very best sites like GenVideos. By using this alternatives, you will be able to benefit from beautiful interfaces, allowing you to stream movies online with ease. Enjoy HD movies, full screen viewing mode and even the ability to download the movies to your computer when streaming from these awesome websites like GenVideos!


Official Site

If you’re looking for one of the best platforms like GenVideos on the internet, look no further than Hulu. This easy to use movie stream platform brings you all of the latest movies and TV series. You can stream unlimited content without ever having to deal with lag. Plus, Hulu brings you high definition shows and movies so you can really enjoy your flicks in their best qualities possible.


Rainierland has been one of the best movie sites for many years now. While there are tons of Rainierland alternatives, not many of them are capable of offering up to date movies like the official version. Rainierland provides you with a beautiful interface, very few ads and one of the slickest interfaces in the industry. Browse Rainierland now as one of the top GenVideos alternatives online!


Putlocker is another one of the top websites like GenVideos that you won’t want to miss out on. With thousands upon thousands of free movies, you will never have a dull moment on this movie site. Along with having the largest collection of free movies online, Putlocker also has a massive amount of TV shows that you can stream at no cost!


123Movies is relatively new to the movie streaming industry, but it has a truly amazing database. With thousands of movies and TV shows, you will always find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for brand new movies or even if you want to watch old movies online, 123Movies has it all. They have HD streaming qualities and all of the newest releases!


Movie4K is available in many different languages and is among the easiest movie streaming sites you’ll ever get to use. One of the best things about Movie4K is that they display the quality of each mirror link, so you can choose wisely. Browse the available movies on their platform now to instantly begin watching movies free of charge online.


CouchTuner is just like the other sites like GenVideos listed above, but it focuses on TV episodes. If you want to watch TV shows online free of charge, this is the place to be. One of the greatest things about CouchTuner movies is that it has one of the most up to date databases online. So as soon as a new episode is released on TV, it will be available within an hour on CouchTuner!


Niter is definitely among the best looking movie sites on the internet. With a ton of new releases and an interface which is similar to Netflix, you will quickly get the hang of this website. If you’re looking for websites like GenVideos that specializes in new movies, Niter is definitely going to keep you satisfied. Browse their collection of movies online right now!


Vumoo is also one of the top sites like GenVideos for streaming movies online free of cost. It too has an interface that is a lot like Netflix. Along with having new big releases, it also features a ton of independent films and movies that you wouldn’t normally find in your local BlockBusters. Explore everything Vumoo has to offer now as one of the top websites like GenVideos online!

What is GenVideos?

If you managed to read all the way down to here and still don’t know what GenVideos is, you have nothing to worry about – we will cover it for you.

GenVideos is a place where you can download movies online or stream them at no cost. They host hundreds of thousands of television series with full episodes, movies from all time periods including new releases and a ton of cartoons, documentaries and so much more.

GenVideos is one of the leading streaming sites on the internet, but with so much content available for free, this begs the question – is GenVideos legal?

Is GenVideos Legal?

These types of free streaming websites are always difficult for us to know whether or not it’s actually legal. We did some digging and found a lot of information online that states GenVideos is in fact working among the legality of the law.

However, many other resources also confirmed that their practices are not legal. This is precisely why we’re providing you with a list of GenVideos alternatives – so you can choose other platforms to watch movies & TV online without having to worry about being illegal.

Is GenVideos legal? This is up for debate – you’re better off avoiding it just to prevent any type of legal issues that could arise by streaming content through their platform.

Does GenVideos Have Viruses?

Even though GenVideos seems legit, you always have to be cautious when using these types of streaming sites online. We don’t recommend using GenVideos as it has been shown to host viruses and malware.

Even with the best antivirus software on the market, it’s better to play it safe and avoid such websites. Our top pick for our list of GenVideos alternatives is Hulu, which is a very trusted streaming website that is 100% safe to use. Avoid GenVideos at all costs.

What Happened to GenVideos?

It used to be a widely popular streaming service online that hosted thousands of movies, TV shows, animated movies, anime, documentaries, reality TV and so much more. So why are people suddenly searching for loads of sites like GenVideos in order to replace it?

GenVideos has just disappeared over night. This is huge cause for concern and ties back into our earlier questions on whether or not it’s legal. When streaming sites just disappear out of the blue, it’s often a red flag.

Nobody knows exactly what happened to this trending platform, but the safest bet is to forget about it. Move on and find a legal movie streaming website like Netflix, Hulu and or Amazon Prime Videos.

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