5 Sites Like BrickSeek to Find the Best Online Deals

BrickSeek is one of the most useful platforms on the internet. Users can visit this website and find excellent deals on all sorts of products. Whether you’re shopping for clothes, purchasing a gift for your wife or even if you want to save big on video games, BrickSeek helps you find what you need at a lower cost.

There are tons of deals on BrickSeek and new savings are added daily. However, you won’t always find the exact deals that you’re looking for. In order to increase your chances of finding great deals for products you need or want, it’s a good idea to have multiple sites like BrickSeek. With numerous deal sites by your side, you will be able to find even more savings on a larger range of products.

At FreeSitesLike, we made it our mission to help you save money online. We searched for the best BrickSeek alternatives online. The list below is our favorite collection of sites like BrickSeek that allow you to find great savings on the internet. Go ahead and browse them – we also encourage you to bookmark these resources so you can return on a regular basis. They are constantly adding new deals.

Lot Stop

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Lot Stop is one of the fantastic places to find deals on the internet. They have all sorts of excellent deals with plenty of items starting at $1. In fact, they have an entire section of their website dedicated to $1 deals. They have another section dedicated to items available for $5 or less. Lot Stop also has a “freebie” category for items you can actually get at no cost. This often requires you to pay for shipping though, so they aren’t entirely free. Overall, Lot Stop is an amazing option when searching for other sites like BrickSeek and you’ll definitely be able to find tons of great savings.


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Stuccu is an aggregator that grabs daily deals from major retailers and places them all in one platform. Think of Stuccu as a sort of weekly flyer that brings you deals, only they bring you deals from thousands of stores, and their platform is updated daily. Stuccu features deals from major retailers including Walmart, Best Buy and Target, but they also cover smaller online shops as well, allowing you to really find diamonds in the rough. If you want to quickly search thousands of stores for the best prices on the items you want, Stuccu is a valuable resource worth bookmarking.


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Vipon is one of the leading Amazon deal finders on the internet. They focus solely on deals available through Amazon – but let’s be honest, Amazon has just about everything you could possibly need and more. The deals you’ll find on Vipon are not available through Amazon directly, so even though Amazon advertises sales directly, you’ll save even more by visiting Vipon. Most of these are in the form of coupons or special rebates, so for anyone who loves shopping on Amazon will find Vipon to be incredibly useful.

Best Deals

Official Site

Best Deals is another online deal aggregator and with over 50,000 deals on their platform at any given moment, it’s comes as no surprise that we decided to make it part of this list of sites like BrickSeek. Similar to Stuccu, they too gather deals from major stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target. Their interface is absolutely gorgeous and they have a variety of categories including appliances, furniture, electronics and so much more. Best Deals was featured in Forbes, Lifehacker and many other media outlets as being one of the top places to source deals and savings online.


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SlickDeals is another one of the superb places to find deals on the internet. One of the really nice things about SlickDeals is that you can find regular deals from stores like the other websites like BrickSeek listed here, but you can also find deals on software such as TaxAct. Whether you’re looking for video game deals or even if you want to save on luggage before your next vacation, SlickDeals seems to truly have it all. Use SlickDeals to find big savings all over the internet – it’s truly a resource worth adding to your bookmarks.

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