9 TV Streaming Sites Like CouchTuner

Couch Tuner is one of the leading movie streaming sites online. If you enjoy watching new movies online, you’re going to love our list of sites like CouchTuner. CouchTuner movies and TV shows are easy to watch and you don’t even have to spend any money to enjoy streaming new movies on their website.

However, one of the downsides of using this streaming site is that they don’t have the largest selection available. You may not always be able to stream new releases on Couchtuner 2.0, which is why it’s great to have CouchTuner alternatives to browse too.

Our team searched for the best websites like CouchTuner online so you can easily stream new movies for free. Scroll down to instantly discover the best places to watch new movies online right now for free!


Official Site

Another one of the great places to go if you enjoy streaming TV shows online in high definition is Hulu. This easy to use platform brings you all of the latest movies and TV series including classic shows and new shows alike. With everything available in full screen and in HD without having to deal with any ads, Hulu Plus is among the best movie sites online.


Official Site

*Alluc was recently shut down after 13 years of operation.

Alluc is the best place to quickly find new movies and TV shows online. They bring you links from the best sources, allowing you to rapidly find the movies that you want to watch. Whether you’re looking for a movie that’s still in the theatres or even if you want to watch a TV show episode that aired last night, Alluc makes it happen. Browse their amazingly powerful movie streaming site to get started!


Official Site

Putlocker is easily the most popular CouchTuner alternative available online. When searching for places like Couch Tuner where you can stream new movies and TV shows, you’re going to love using Putlocker. This site has one of the largest selections of new TV shows and movies. They have very few ads and you don’t have to create an account to use this site. Browse the amazing Putlocker collection now!

The Dare TV

Official Site

Among the best sites like CouchTuner online is The Dare TV. Just like Couch Tuner, this site lets you enjoy tons of new TV shows. The Dare has many movies that you can stream as well, but their The Dare TV section specializes in bring you TV series. Whether you’re looking for a new TV series online or even if you want to watch old TV shows, The Dare has what you’re looking for right at your fingertips.


Official Site

Tube+ is another CouchTuner alternative that lets you enjoy streaming TV shows online for free. They often update their selection so finding the newest TV series online is easy. Tube+ has very few ads, which makes for a pleasurable browsing experience. Explore their great collection of TV shows and movies right now to watch new TV shows online for free and without having to create an account.


Official Site

Cucirca is among the top rated sites like CouchTuner because it’s very simple to use and has a huge collection of TV shows to stream. Their list-like appearance makes finding the TV shows that you’re looking for a breeze. Plus, they keep everything as simple as possible by keeping ads on the low side and making it quick for you to instantly start streaming TV shows online. Check out Cucirca now for great shows!

Watch Series

Official Site

Watch Series is one of the oldest sites like CouchTuner. As one of the first TV streaming sites to have ever launched, it has one of the most popular selections available. They keep their media fresh, so new episodes are uploaded just hours after it officially aired on TV. If you’re looking for TV streaming sites that make new TV episodes available quickly, you’re going to love using Watch Series.

Series Cravings

Official Site

Series Cravings is another one of the best sites like CouchTuner because it displays TV shows with images and has a great selection. Their unique TV Schedule Today feature makes it simple for you to know exactly when an episode will become available to watch on their website. Start streaming new TV shows online at Series Cravings and you’ll never want to leave – check it out now!


Official Site

SeriesOnline is another excellent option to consider when searching for similar to CouchTuner TV services. The layout is very simple to use with all of the TV series online listed in the right sidebar. Once you click on a series to watch online, you’ll be provided with tons of links where you can stream from along with the IMDB link for details about that series. Check out SeriesOnline and if you love using sites like CouchTuner.

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