Borderlinx Review – Mail Forwarding Service

Borderlinx Review – Mail Forwarding Service

Shop and ship from anywhere in the world.

8.5 Total Score
Borderlinx Review

Borderlinx is a mail forwarding service that lets you shop and ship from anywhere in the world. Set up a virtual US mail box and experience simple parcel forwarding. Expand your shopping opportunities by accessing stores worldwide.

Shipping Speed
Ease of Use
Package Storage
Customer Service
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Excellent tracking system
  • Store packages 30-days for free
  • Free repackage consolidation
  • Speedy shipping
  • Unclear pricing structure
  • Slow shipping for some locations
  • Limited shipping options
User Rating: 4.65 (1 votes)

One of the best mail forwarding services online is Borderlinx. We tested their services in order to provide you with an accurate and honest Borderlinx review. After weeks of international shopping, we determined that their shop and ship services are superior to most of their competitors and Borderlinx is worth trying if you love to shop. If you live outside the US, you will love their service.

We are based out of Canada, so shopping in the USA is quite limited. Fortunately, we were rapidly able to set up a mail forwarding account with Borderlinx, unlocking access to all US stores. We really put them to the test and ordered a bunch of different items from various stores, including underground and non-mainstream shops. All of our packages arrived on time without any major issues.

Shipping Speed & Costs

The costs of shipping will really depend on the amount of products you want to buy, their sizes and your country’s duty taxes. This makes it rather difficult to state whether or not they are amazing as far as prices are concerned, since it’s truly dependant on your purchases. However, we tested a total of 4 different mail forwarding services for this Borderlinx review and they had the best prices. They also have a pretty accurate shipping calculator, so you can estimate how much each item will cost.

borderlinx charges

As far as shipping speed is concerned, we loved it. It only took a matter of days for the items to arrive once they left the Borderlinx warehouse. The total shipping time will vary depending on where you purchased the items initially, but in general, Borderlinx is a fast and reliable service. They use DHL as their main shipping method, which are renowned for their rapid shipping speeds.

Package Consolidation

One of the really fun things about Borderlinx is their package consolidation feature. This basically lets you shop from numerous different stores, then have Borderlinx repack them together in order to reduce shipping costs. To make it even better, you can actually consolidate shipments with family members. So if you and your sister both have individual Borderlinx accounts, you will be able to repack your items together and really save big on the final shipping charges.

Customer Service

We contacted them to see what their customer service is like specifically for this Borderlinx review and we loved the experience. They offer 24/7 support, making it easy for you get in touch with them when you need it the most. Plus, they offer 3 different ways to contact them including email, live chat and you can request a call back once an agent is available.

They were respectful while responding to our inquiries and they provided us with some pretty valuable information. Overall, the customer support team was excellent when we contacted them.

Final Verdict

Overall, Borderlinx is amazing. If you’re located outside the US and you’re looking for a quality mail forwarding service, you will certainly want to check them out. Even if you live in the USA, you will benefit from their service since you will be able to purchase products from anywhere in the world. With low shipping rates and fast shipping speeds, we highly recommend choosing Borderlinx for your international shopping sprees!

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