The Tell-Tale Signs a Loved One Is Abusing Prescription Opioids

Opioid prescriptions may well a big earner for the big pharmaceutical companies, but for patients, they’re extremely dangerous.

Around 130 people die from an opioid overdose every single day in the United States. A course of painkillers can lead to a full-blown addiction that, if unchecked, can kill.

Take a look at your loved ones. If someone you love has been taking opioid painkillers and they’ve started to change, it could be a sign that they’re abusing them.

But do you know what you should be looking for exactly? Here are some tell-tale signs of opioid addiction you should watch out for in your loved ones.

Negative Lifestyle Changes

People with an addiction to opioids aren’t going to be able to continue living the lifestyle they’ve always lived. One of the more obvious signs of opioid addiction is a change in their lifestyle for the worse.

Look at their relationships with other family members, colleagues, friends, and even you personally. Has there been a lot of unnecessary conflicts?

Think carefully about how they’re living their life generally, too. If they’ve lost motivation for work or their usual social life, there’s an underlying problem.

Opioid addiction can also lead your loved one to make poor decisions. They might give up work entirely, or take bigger risks. Their decision making may be impaired, and addiction to opioids might be the cause.

If you’re close to your loved one, you’ll be able to spot these signs for yourself.

Financial or Legal Issues

You should look at whether your loved ones are facing any financial or legal issues.

Are your loved ones often out of funds, or in a lot of unnecessary debt? A survey of addicts found that they were spending over $10,000 a year on their addiction, on average. Look at your loved one’s cash flow — is there never enough?

Opioid drugs are available with a prescription and for many people, this is the original source of their vice. But eventually, this might not be enough. If your loved one starts to source their drugs illegally, this could lead to legal issues.

Confronting a loved one about financial or legal issues may be tough and embarrassing for both parties, but if the behavior is out of character, then it’s a conversation you need to have.

Check out our debt relief and budgeting articles for tips and tricks to get their finances back on track.

Poor Physical Health

Health issues, or poor physical health overall, could be another symptom of opioid addiction.

There are all kinds of physical signs of addiction that you can watch out for. Less obvious signs may include a change in sleeping patterns or neglect of their hygiene.

More obvious signs, however, may include weight loss, poor speech or coordination, and pale skin. Health issues aren’t necessarily due to opioid use, but opioid use can and will cause them.

Encouraging admission to a treatment center like Inspire Malibu can help your loved one overcome addiction to common opioids, as well as help them recover from the physical and mental damage.

Help Your Loved Ones if They’re Abusing Opioids

If your loved one is abusing opioids, they have two options. Recover, or face the consequences.

Recovery isn’t going to be easy, but ignoring the signs of opiate use isn’t going to be the answer. Look out for these signs if your loved one starts to change and, if it is an addiction, speak to them about their options for recovery.

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