6 Types of Bongs and the Kinds of Highs They’re Good For

If you fancy yourself as something of a cannabis connoisseur, you owe it to yourself to get a quality bong.

The bong is one of the oldest smoking implements. Ancient Scythians used bongs to smoke tobacco, cannabis, and opium over 2000 years ago.

The term ‘bong’ itself comes from the Thai word ‘baungwhich means ‘wooden tube’. Tube-shaped bongs have remained popular to this day, but new types of bongs have also appeared over time. As a result, modern cannabis consumers have a large variety of bongs to choose from.

You can get high using any kind of bong, but your trip can be very different depending on what you’re using. Some bongs are better for taking massive hits, others produce silky smooth smoke, and some are even made out of fruit to emphasize the weirdness factor.

So to help you find a bong that will take your highs to the next level, I’ve written a short overview of the most popular types of bongs. Give it a read, and start planning your next bong purchase.

A Word on Bong Materials

Before we get into bong designs, let’s discuss bong materials for a moment.

The underlying material will determine how durable a bong is, how easy it is to maintain, and even how the smoke tastes. The material a bong is made of will also influence its price.

Bongs used to be made out of anything societies had at their disposal. Bamboo was a popular choice, and so were metal and ceramics. Modern bongs are predominantly made out of glass and plastics.

Let’s briefly go over the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material:

  • Bamboo makes for cheap, durable bongs that add a specific aroma to the smoke, making them a popular choice.
  • Glass makes it easy to clean your bong, and it makes for a smooth smoking experience. Glass bongs can be expensive, however.
  • Metal bongs are cheap and durable, but they affect how the smoke tastes which puts some people off.
  • Ceramics can be used to produce bongs in odd shapes and sizes, adding to their novelty factor. These bongs tend to be more fragile and heavy than their counterparts.
  • Plastics can be used to make anything, including bongs. These bongs are lightweight, cheap and resistant to breaking, but they also affect smoke flavor.

6 Types of Bongs to Get You Tripping

Bongs come in a variety of standard designs, and a couple of non-standard ones.

Each design is suited for a particular kind of tripping experience. With that being said, you can get high using any type of bong, so the design you choose is mostly a matter of taste (and budget).

Here are the 6 most popular modern bong designs today, arranged in no particular order.

1. Tube Bongs

As its name implies, a tube bong is simply a tube sealed at one end with a stem and bowl on the side.

They come in different sizes, from smaller ones for personal use, to massive pipes that can get the whole room high. A tube bong has no moving parts, which makes it robust and easy to maintain.

If you’re looking for a cheap bong to get you high without making things complicated, the tube bong is what you need.

2. Multi-Chamber Bongs

A multi-chamber bong is a variation on the tube bong with one major difference – they have multiple chambers for holding water.

The added chambers are there for filtering smoke multiple times, making it cooler and smoother in the process. However, they also make these kinds of bongs more difficult to clean and maintain.

For those of you that like a smooth high above all else, you can’t go wrong with a multi-chamber bong.

3. Carburetor Bongs

A carburetor is a simple hole that you can find in some types of bongs.

It is located near the middle of the bong, and its role is to allow fresh air to enter the bowl, making for a stronger pull. Technically speaking, any bong that has a carburetor hole can be considered a carburetor bong.

Carburetor bongs are ideal for situations where you want to get high as fast as possible.

4. Percolator Bongs

A percolator bong is another type of bong that is defined by a single feature, the titular percolator.

A percolator is basically a filter, and its job is to dissipate smoke before it enters the water. This helps cool the smoke faster, and it produces a bubbling effect while smoking.

If you’re the laid-back type that likes to savor each hit, you’ll find much to love about a percolator bong.

5. Gravity Bongs

If you’re short on cash but still want to get high, you can harness the power of gravity to make this fun DIY bong.

A gravity bong requires only two elements – a container filled with water, and a plastic bottle with a hole in the bottom. You operate the bong by lighting up and slowly raising the bottle out of the water, which generates a vacuum that pulls the smoke into the bottle.

Smoking from a gravity bong will make you feel like a true gangster from the hood, and you need less than $1 to make one.

6. Non-standard Bongs

Last, but not least, there are bongs that defy classification (and some would also say common sense).

Examples include bongs made from bananas, candy wrappings, LEGO pieces, gas-masks, and even ice. These can have the same features as a regular bong, including percolators, carburetors, or multiple chambers.

Their sheer weirdness is guaranteed to make your high extra psychedelic, but they’re not exactly convenient for everyday usage.

Get High Your Own Way

It’s surprising how many types of bongs there are considering the simplicity of the basic device.

Their sheer variety guarantees that everyone can find a bong that fits their tripping needs (and budget). Just do your homework and weigh the pros and cons of different options.

We recommend you to try out a bong from each category and see which one produces the kind of high you like.

Check out our lifestyle section for more cool stories and tips. More power to you. 

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