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Have you noticed your website in one of our lists?

Being featured at FreeSitesLike is a huge step for your business. We have millions of viewers and a solid authority, making our backlinks a solid referral for your company. Not only do you get placed in front of millions of targeted consumers, but you’ll also gain a massive amount of respect from search engines.

As FreeSitesLike grows, we are gradually becoming the household name for those trying to find similar sites online. Adding a badge on your website that shows you’ve been featured in one of our lists displays success and high quality services on your behalf. Since our team curates each list manually and since we go through vigorous testing to only share the top candidates with our readers, all websites featured on our platform are extremely high quality online environments that we gladly recommend to everyone on the internet.

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Above are a few simple badges that you can use to share your FreeSitesLike list rank with the world. Keep scrolling for more badges. We recommend linking the badge directly to the listing where your service/website is featured.

Be Proud of Your FreeSitesLike Listing – You Deserve It!

Don’t just let your placement in one of our lists go to waste – share your success via:

  • Social media
  • Your media coverage/press kit web page
  • Your About Us page
  • New blog posts
  • With email subscribers
  • And basically anywhere you wish to share the fact that you’re now considered one of the best in class for your specific niche.

*Please Contact Us Directly for Custom-Made Badges Specifically Tailored to Fit Your Website*

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***Make sure you are only placing the badge on your website if you are in fact featured in a list at FreeSitesLike. Unauthorized use and lying about being featured on our website will result in legal consequences.

freesiteslike badge find similar sites freesiteslike badge find similar sites freesiteslike badge find similar sites