7 Online Auction Sites Like iOffer

iOffer is one of the top online auction sites that connect you to millions of buyers and sellers across the globe. If you’re looking for something unique that can’t be found in stores, your changes have just risen immensely by clicking on iOffer. If the product you’re looking for exists, there’s a high chance you can buy it on iOffer.

There are over 40 different categories of stuff available to browse and own. If you’re need a new shirt, are looking for a beautiful new art piece, or are missing that rare quarter for your collection, you can probably find it on iOffer.

This site offers cheap prices, accurate shipping and excellent customer service. You won’t be disappointed with iOffer. For more amazing sites to find hidden gems from the comfort of your home, take a look at this list of iOffer alternatives.


Sites like Ebay

Ebay must be added to this list of sites like iOffer. This is the most famous website that lets people start their own business to sell products online and helps others find amazing discounts on millions of products. Ebay is one of the best shopping websites on the world-wide-web. This site’s search filter is top-notch. You can get very precise to find exactly what you want. The information is always precise and the shipping costs are almost always mentioned so your shopping experiences are always short and worry free.



Official Site

Amazon is huge! This site carries big brands from all over the world. It has Earth’s biggest selection of books, movies, household supplies and more. This website similar to iOffer has some of the best prices you’ve ever seen and with its free shipping options you’ll save even more money. There are over 306 items sold each second on Amazon. With this information, you can decide for yourself just how amazing this site is. Amazon also has a very detailed rating system to help you with your purchase choices. Click on the link above to discover the deals found on Amazon.


Sites like Bonanza

Bonanza has a massive variety of shops like iOffer that can find you some of the most bizarre, creative, and original items known to man. If you’re looking for a conversation piece for your home or the ultimate gag gift, Bonanza will have it. Take a look at the different categories such as, collectibles, pottery, or even health and beauty to discover great new things to clutter your home. The only problem about this addition to sites like iOffer is that it’s addictive, it doesn’t take long for your cart to be filled with crazy stuff.


Sites like Etsy

Etsy is better than IOffer because everything on this site is homemade. People can sign up for free accounts to share their meticulous creations with others, and make a pretty penny too. Etsy has thousands of handmade items from tiny pieces of jewellery to large sculpted coffee tables. Just about anything that can be imagined is posted on Etsy for you to purchase. If it’s not available why don’t you start making it yourself? The possibilities are endless for anyone who likes to fiddle with arts and crafts. If you need something personalized to perfect, shop Etsy.


Sites like Backpage

Official Site

Backpage must be added to sites like iOffer. This site lets you find whatever you need in your local area. When you start browsing this site you’ll soon realize that it is very easy to shop very precisely. If you need to have an item fast, searching your own neighbourhood is the best way to go. There are millions of users on Backpage that each have their own style of items listed. If you’ve spotted something of interest, buy it immediately because since it comes from individual sellers, there’s a chance that someone could grab it before you.


Official Site

Have you ever heard of the expression, there are “oodle of things”? This is exactly what this site offers. On Oodle you can find everything! There’s so many quirky gadgets and unique items to make you overfill with excitement. If you have a garage sale sized inventory or just a few perfect pieces to sell you should be using Oodle. The same goes for buying. Your sure to find something amazing on Oodle. This site is definitely similar to iOffer!


Sites like Sell

Official Site

Sell is an online marketplace found among our list of sites like iOffer. This site is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is fill out your criteria in the search bar and wait for the cool results. People use this site each day to buy gifts and treat themselves. All your sales stay private with Sell and you have a lot of different options to create the best online store you can. Every item you add will attract millions of buyers, what are you waiting for? Create an account to start buying and selling on this great site right away.

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