11 Online Shopping Sites Like Amazon

Online sites like Amazon are great for shopping for just about any type of product. Amazon excels at bringing you a wide variety of items ranging from high definition TVs, ebooks and even baby diapers. No matter what you’re looking for, Amazon most likely has it.

While Amazon has a massive selection of products and is highly reliable, there are many websites cheaper than Amazon that are just as reliable. We made it our mission to find the best websites like Amazon online so you can shop for anything and get the best price every time.

Browse our list of Amazon alternatives right now to instantly get the best prices on everything you buy online. We made sure to only include the very best sites like Amazon, so whether you’re looking for online shopping sites for books or even if you want to buy cat litter, you will find it on these sites!


Sites like Aliexpress

AliExpress is one of the best websites like Amazon online if you’re looking for cheap prices. As one of the best websites cheaper than Amazon online, AliExpress provides you with products of all types and genres. You will find electronics, clothing, gadgets and more. While their shipping is a little slower than through Amazon, you will definitely be able to make some amazing savings on here.

Light In The Box

Sites like lightinthebox

Official Site

Light in the Box is another excellent website similar to Amazon that you will love using. This online shopping site has a primary focus on clothing, so if you’re looking for sites like Amazon for clothes, you’re going to love using Light in the Box. This online shop is simple to use and has a ton of products, making it well worth discover. Check out Light in the Box right now for some amazing finds!


Sites like everbuying

Official Site

Everbuying is a China wholesale site that allows you to buy bulk items directly from China online. This allows you to get some of the lowest rates available. However, Everbuying does not always have the highest quality products available, so keep this in mind before purchasing expensive items. Their shipping speeds are quite decent, making them one of the great sites like Amazon worth checking out!


Sites like DHgate

Official Site

DHgate is another excellent wholesale site from China that allows you to save big by purchasing items directly from China. The shipping wait time is a little longer than with big retails like Amazon, but the prices are much lower, making it one of the best ways to save a ton of money. DHgate has a huge variety of products to choose from, so check out their website right now to start shopping from China!


Sites like Rakuten

Rakuten is another excellent online shopping website worth discovering. They also have all sorts of products available and they provide you with cheaper than Amazon prices. Rakuten often has amazing sales and discounts on products of all types, allowing you to benefit from even larger savings. If you’re looking for a great alternative to Amazon, you will definitely want to check out Rakuten!


Sites like QVC

QVC is an online shopping channel that provides you with a ton of amazing products. Whether you’re looking for unique and original items or even if you want to find the best laptops currently available on the market, QVC has it all. They provide excellent shipping rates and they often have some of the lowest prices online, providing you with the ability to make some pretty impressive savings!


Sites like Amazon

Official Site

One of the best sites like Amazon online is Jet. This online shopping site lets you buy pretty much anything from clothing, to home decor and even electronics. They have it all and they have amazing prices and discounts allowing you to save big. Jet is simple to use and they provide lightning fast shipping rates similar to Amazon, making it one of the great shopping online sites to discover!


Sites like Ebay

There’s no doubt that eBay is one of the best online shopping platforms on the internet. As one of the leading Amazon competitors, eBay has products of all genres. Whether you’re looking for pre-owned products, brand new items or even vintage collector’s items, you will find it all on eBay. If you have never shopped on eBay before, there’s no better time than now to check it out!


Sites like Overstock

With free shipping, amazing prices and a ton of products available to choose from, Overstock is one of the leading places to buy products online. Overstock is simple to use and provides free shipping for orders of $45. They often have huge discounts and sales, allowing you to push the savings even further. Discover all of the amazing products available at Overstock right away and start saving big!


Sites like Etsy

Etsy is a unique website similar to Amazon that lets you find homemade products. You can also sell your own homemade products through Etsy. Etsy is one of the largest marketplaces like Amazon for buying and selling handmade items, allowing you to find personalized items and really unique products. Discover their huge selection of products or sign up to start selling your own homemade items today!


Sites like TomTop

Official Site

Whether you’re looking for electronics, musical instruments or even computers, TomTop is one of the best sites like Amazon to find it all. TomTop is available internationally and lets you make huge savings on products that you would normally not save when buying from Amazon. If you’re looking for electronics online, you should definitely take a look at the TomTop store right now!

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