5 Handmade Goods Sites Like Etsy

Etsy is one of the best places to buy and sell handmade goods online. Whether you want to sell woodworking projects online or even if you want to buy personalized items for your home, Etsy is the place to be. Many sites like Etsy exist, which makes it easier than ever for you to find homemade items online.

We made it our mission to gather up as many different stores like Etsy as we could find. We tested all of these Etsy alternatives in order to bring you the best craft sites like Etsy available on the internet. All of the sites listed below are worth using.

Scroll down to instantly browse our list of websites like Etsy. Begin shopping for unique products and buy handmade goods at their finest. If you want to sell your crafts online, these sites also make it possible for you to make an income from your projects. Get started now!


Sites like Bonanza

Official Site

Bonanza is the marketplace that you’ll want to visit if you’re looking for truly unique products. As one of the top sites like Etsy, Bonanza has a massive selection of products available to choose from. You can also list your own handmade goods on Bonanza, making it very similar to Etsy in all ways possible. Bonanza has amazing finds and has a constantly updated selection so you can always find new items for sale!

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Made it Myself

Made it Myself Sites like Etsy

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Made it Myself is one of the top Etsy alternatives on the internet. This site lets you buy and sell handmade crafts online. They feature a wide variety of product types and they attract millions of monthly users, making it easy for you to get a ton of traffic to your listings. Whether you want to make money online by selling your unique items or even if you want to shop for homemade products, you’ll love using this site!

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Sites like Artfire

Official Site

ArtFire is one of the sites like Etsy that has a main focus around art and clothing. This is a great place to buy handmade dresses, handmade jewelry and many other products that were made with love. ArtFire has a truly unique selection of items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Check out the massive selection of productions available at ArtFire right now to get started!

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iCraft Gifts

iCraft Gifts etsy alternatives

Official Site

iCraft Gifts is one of the unique alternatives to Etsy that really stands out from the crowd. This site lets you buy gifts for friends or family members, but all of the gifts for sale were handmade. This allows you to buy unique gifts online that have a personal touch. iCraft Gifts really has gifts of all genres, making it super simple for you to find gifts for any occasion. Explore their selection of items now!

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Shop Handmade

Sites like Shop Handmade Goods

Official Site

Shop Handmade allows you to buy handmade products of many different categories. They have tons of handmade jewelry, handmade invitations and much more. Browse through their massive selection and you will quickly see why we named Shop Handmade one of the top Etsy alternatives. The quality is amazing and their prices are affordable, making it a site worth discovering!

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