5 Music Streaming Sites Like Spotify

If you’re looking for a Spotify alternative, you’ve come to the right place. We list the best apps like Spotify so you can enjoy premium music without having to spend any money. Spotify is one of the leading music streaming services online and it has millions of songs to choose from.

One of the major benefits of using sites like Spotify is that you get to stream the music on almost any device. You can enjoy streaming music on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, home audio system and even on your gaming consoles.

If you want to listen to free music online, apps like Spotify are exactly what you’ll want. Spotify requires you to pay for their premium music streaming service, but the Spotify alternatives in our list are absolutely free to use. Try out the music streaming services below to listen to free music right now!

Google Play Music

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Among the top Spotify alternatives online is Google Play Music. If you’re looking for free music online, you’re going to love this service offered by Google. Google delivers curated music lists that you can enjoy according to genre, mood and even time of day.¬†Listen to music as much as you like when using Google Play Music because it’s all free and easy to use. This is easily one of the best sites like Spotify!


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Another excellent option when searching for the best apps like Spotify is GrooveShark. This free music streaming service brings you plenty of playlists to choose from. GrooveShark is internet radio at its finest with curated selections, excellent artwork and a simple to use interface. You can also download the GrooveShark app in order to bring the live music with you everywhere you want to go!


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If you’re looking for high quality Spotify alternatives, Last.FM should be one of the first places you visit. This live internet radio website lets you stream music of all genres. You can quickly flip on the live radio stations or you can choose from various music playlists online such as the current top tracks, trending artists and much more. Last.FM is one of the top apps like Spotify available online and on mobile.


8tracks is one of the unique music streaming services online because all of the playlists are shared by other users. Browse what others are listening to and create your own playlist to share with the world. If you want to listen to music that is currently trending and if you enjoy sharing your own musical tastes with others, 8tracks will quickly become one of your favorite sites like Spotify on the internet.


Deezer is another one of the excellent Spotify alternatives available online and on mobile devices. This service lets you listen to music without any limitations. Listen to as much music as you like without ever having to pay and listen from any device of your choice. One of the great things about the Deezer music streaming service is their massive collection of songs that are available to choose from.

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