8 Websites Like Offliberty to Download & Convert YouTube Videos

You must know what YouTube is, it’s only the 2nd most famous website in the world. On this site, you can find millions and millions of videos of all kind. You can find music videos, full movies, silly clips, documentary clips, video blogs, subscription box unboxing, pet videos, and a whole lot more. YouTube is easy to navigate, share, and chat with others. Everything on this famous website is very simple to do, except for one thing. On YouTube, you cannot download the videos you love directly. There is no button to do this. The only option you have is to save the video in your channel to watch it again. If you have a collection of videos that you love and want to watch them other than on YouTube, this list is for you.

This list features easy ways to download music from YouTube and so much more. One of our favorite ways to do this is with Offliberty. Offliberty lets you download the video of your choice so you can watch it offline, and it’s also a YouTube audio downloader for your favorite songs. On the Offliberty website, you can paste the link of your desired video into the bar provided. Hit the Off button when you’re ready. The result will be a downloadable file. Offliberty is the evidence of offline life. You don’t always need an internet connection to view your favorite videos. If you like this site and want to find more websites like Offliberty that let you own the YouTube videos you love the most, check out this list. The only thing you need to do now is to find the videos you want to download and convert.


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VidPaw is a website that provides free HD video and audio download service for gaining easy access to videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and over 1,000 sites. VidPaw allows users to convert online videos to video files (MP4, 3GP, and WEMB) or audio files (M4A, WEMB) free of charge with optional video quality (8K, 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 140p) and audio quality (64kbps, 86kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps). Better yet, songs, playlists, and subtitle (Closed Captions) are supported to be downloaded as well. The site currently supports English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. If you’re looking for an online video downloader, VidPaw is certainly among the best options.

DRmare M4V Converter

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This online video downloader similar to Offliberty is called DRmare M4V Converter. DRmare M4V Converter works with iTunes the same way Offliberty works with YouTube. This software does two things. It removes the nasty DRM restrictions found on iTunes videos and songs and it lets you download them and convert them so they can be played on other players and devices. You can use DRmare M4V Converter with any of your iOS devices, if you want to use this software with Windows, you will need to install Java. DRmare M4V Converter can convert your iTunes videos and songs into M4V, MP4, HD MOV, AVI, and more.


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VidtoMp3 is one of the top websites like Offliberty. This YouTube downloader online supports a ton of different websites other than YouTube. On VidtoMp3, you can download video and audio files from sites like Myspace, Megavideo, Dailymotion, Clipjunkie, and Vimeo. VidtoMp3 can also be used on social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. This addition to our list of YouTube video downloader sites is incredibly easy to use. Find the link of the video or audio you want to add to your personal collection and paste the link to this site. Hit the download button to get your file. VidtoMp3 is only good to convert into Mp3 files. If you want a different kind of format, you’ll need to find another site on this list.


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Another one of the best video to Mp3 converter websites is OnlineVideoConverter. This is this is one of the top free video conversion tools on the internet. OnlineVideoConverter makes converting a video you found on YouTube, or any other place on the net, simple. Enter the link of the video you want, or choose the file stored in the Cloud or on your computer. Then, select a format and customize the other settings. Click start to begin the process. That’s it! Once the process has been completed you will be able to download your newly converted file. OnlineVideoConverter offers high quality each time and many ways to convert including .ogg, .flv, .avi, .webm, .flac, .aac, .wma, and more.


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Apowersoft is a great addition to our list of websites like Offliberty. This site free video to Mp3 downloader grants you the ability to convert any video or online stream. Apowersoft works with YouTube, Yahoo Music, Vevo, and more similar sites. Some of the key features found on the Apowersoft site include the ability to convert videos from the web to Mp3, convert videos from your computer to Mp3, search and download music videos directly from the websites you’ve found them on, adjust multiple audio output settings. The best thing about Apowersoft is that this free downloader and converter can be installed as a toolbar on all your browsers for instant access. Try it now.


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Since this list of websites like Offliberty is about keeping videos you love, we must add KeepVid to the numbers. KeepVid allows you to download any video you want by simply inputing the irl of your desired video. This site is one of the fastest ways to download and convert on our list. KeepVid lets you choose the quality of video you want like 720p, 240p, or 1080p before you download your file. Like Apowersoft, KeepVid has a browser extension available for any browser like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. One of the cool things included with KeepVid is the fact that you can download subtitles too if you need them. Just click the subtitles button before you download the file. The button will appear if subtitles are available.

FreeMake Video Converter 

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The FreeMake Video Converter is one of the most complete additions to our list of sites similar to Offliberty. This online video downloader and converter has been recognized as the number one video converter for the last 7 years. FreeMake Video Converter can convert more than 500 different formats in only a few seconds. On this site, there is no trial period, no restrictions, and no registration needed. FreeMake Video Converter can turn any multimedia you find on the net to a downloadable file that can then be used on any of your other devices. All the modern codecs like AAC, MPEG4, MKV, AND H.264 are included. FreeMake Video Converter has another feature you might love. On this site, you can pull an image from any video file you’ve found. This can even be done with larger files like HD videos and full movies.



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Lastly, we must add Y2mate to our list of alternatives to Offliberty to download videos online and convert their formats. Y2mate lets you download and convert both audio and video files. If you want to keep a movie you love you can download it her, you can also grab that song that touched your soul. If you find a music video that you love but you can’t find the audio file, you can download the music video as an Mp3. This will only grab the audio file which you can then add to your most used playlist. The download bar found on Y2mate is both a pasteable bar and a search bar. If you have the link you want to convert, you can paste it in place or you can enter a keyword to start searching. No registration is required and you can download as many files as you want for free.

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