8 Online Auction Sites Like eBay

eBay is the number one auction site on the internet. You can pretty much buy or sell anything on eBay. Whether you’re looking for a vintage handbag from the 60’s or even if you want a brand new iPhone, you’re going to find what you’re looking for on eBay.

There are millions of subscribed users on eBay and it has been around since the beginning of the internet. Obviously, eBay is here to stay, but there are times when you won’t be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. That’s when other sites like eBay become incredibly useful.

One of the major downsides of using eBay is the shipping time, which can often take a lot of time before you actually receive your products. We’ve come up with a list of eBay alternatives that are amazing. Check out our list and start your online shopping spree right now!


aliexpress free sites like ebay

AliExpress has only been popular for a few years, but it’s already grown into one of the largest eBay alternatives online. This site has just as many different types of products as eBay and it sells them for cheap. Most of the items come from China, so the shipping delays are longer, but you can often get your hands on decent quality products for much less than you would pay on eBay or in local stores.


amazon free sites like ebay

Official Site

Amazon is the biggest eBay competitor in the world. Amazon sets itself apart by selling many items directly from their own warehouses, which provides much faster shipping. Many items qualify for free shipping and Amazon has pretty much anything you could possibly need. Whether you’re searching for kids toys, TVs or even a lawn mower, you’re going to find it at Amazon.


bonanza free sites like ebay

Bonanza is another great site to visit if you have a ton of money to spend and don’t know where to start. This online auction site has a lot of everything, but it also has a lot of unique and hard to find items as well. Bonanza has many odd items that makes it stand out from the crowd of online auction stores. Their selection of items is massive. Check it out, it’s really worth the detour.


overstock free ebay alternatives

Overstock has over 1 million products listed on their website and they have been in business since 1999. They sell high quality items at huge discount rates, making it easy for you to save a lot of money when shopping there. Overstock has an intuitive design with great features such as being able to filter items with precision and being able to leave reviews for the items you purchase.


etsy free sites like ebay

Etsy is the eBay alternative of choice for people who love homemade items. Whether you’re looking for a homemade bookshelf or even if you want someone to create a custom sign for your child’s bedroom, you’re going to find it at Etsy. This store is filled with creative individuals who create masterpieces. Whether you’re into homemade items or not, Etsy is really worth checking out!


ebid sites like ebay

eBid has been around for over 15 years and has made quite a great reputation for itself. This auction site allows you to buy and sell items at auction just like you would on eBay. It’s free to list items for sale, which is incredibly attractive for sellers. Buyers love how beautiful the web design is and how simple this site is to use. Over 14,000 categories are available to browse at eBid.


rakuten sites like ebay

Rakuten is quite similar to eBay, but it focuses mainly on bringing you international products. While eBay also has a heavy international presence, Rakuten brings you international items almost exclusively. One of the cool things about Rakuten is their Rakuten Super Points Program, which lets you get rewarded for shopping through their website. The more you shop, the more you get back.


ubid sites like ebay

uBid is another site like eBay that lets you bid on items and win them at auction online. You can save a lot of money by purchasing quality products for cheap at uBid. One aspect that sets them apart is that they give back money to various charities with a portion of their revenues. They also have express auctions and 24-hour auctions, which allow you to find products that sell fast.

Finding a Good Marketplace with Low Fees

The key to becoming a great eBay seller or buyer is to find a marketplace that has low fees. Whether it’s eBay, Amazon, Rakuten or any other sites sellers and buyers can benefit from, choosing correctly will make your life a lot easier. You should also verify the list fee before placing an ad on an online auction site. This will allow you to quickly see how much sellers items will cost you or how much it will cost you to list your own items for sale.

An eBay listing will typically cost you a few dollars depending on various factors. These fees are pretty standard, but some auction sites online have lower fees and some have no fees at all. This makes it crucial for you to browse as many eBay alternatives from our list above as possible and check the sellers fee on each marketplace. Sure, some online selling sites will provide you with more exposure, but if you can sell the same product for less or buy items for less, you might as well give it a shot.

Furthermore, free listing sites cost you nothing. So even if you choose to move forward with a paid eBay listing, you can still list the same items on the other marketplaces at no extra cost. This doubles your exposure for the same amount. We encourage you to browse all of the eBay like sites above to quickly discover how sellers items can be bought for cheaper and to find good sites like eBay, Amazon and more with incredibly low fees!

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