5 Sites Like theChive Featuring Sexy Girls & Humor

TheChive is one of the most bookmarked websites in the world. As one of the funniest and hottest blogs online, this site gets millions of unique visitors every single day. TheChive brings you funny photos, fail photos, hilarious videos, sexy photos of hot girls and much more. It’s the ideal guy site, but it also has a ton of great content for girls as well.

If you’re looking for sites like TheChive, you’re going to love the sites we found. All of the TheChive alternatives listed below are free to use and you can instantly begin enjoying quality content. Whether you’re searching for hot girl pics or even if you want to laugh at people failing, these sites are for you.

We spent several days gathering the best TheChive alternatives possible, so we guarantee that you’re going to love these. If you know of any other sites like TheChive worthy of being mentioned here, please comment about it below!


Official Site

CollegeHumor is easily one of the funniest sites like TheChive you will ever come across. This funny site is packed with great articles, funny pics and it also has a ton of sexy girl pics. Whether you’re in college or not, CollegeHumor is going to get you laughing to tears. Head on over to CollegeHumor right now for a good time. It’s entirely free to use and they upload new content every single day!

Bro My God

Official Site

Bro My God is all about bringing you awesome content that will make you say “oh my god”. Whether that’s a hot chick in a tight bikini or even if it’s an odd looking deer, this site has it all. If you’re looking for weird, sexy and funny pictures on a daily basis, you’ll definitely want to become a part of the Bro My God community. No worries, it’s free and you don’t need an account, so check it out!


Official Site

COED is another amazing site like TheChive that will keep you entertained on a daily basis. Just like the others, this site has a ton of hot girls, funny images and random posts. If you love random stuff and you like the occasional weird image or hot girl pic, you’re going to enjoy visiting COED on a daily basis. We easily place COED among the top rated sites like TheChive on the internet.


Official Site

Radass is one very rad website. It has awesome posts about random stuff that happens all over the world. New posts are added daily and you’ll find a ton of cool images. Radass is a funny blog site but it also brings you sexy girls, awesome stories and much more. Whether you’re tired of using TheChive (which you’re probably not) or even if you just want to discover a new site, Radass is a great place to visit.


Official Site

BroBible is a guy magazine online similar to TheChive that brings you hilarious stories, hot chicks and much more. You’ll often hear outrageous news, find out information about celebrities and even get to see exclusive pics of really hot girls. BroBible has been around for a while and it’s one of the top sites like TheChive, so it’s well worth taking a few minutes to check out all that it has to offer.

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