5 Most Powerful Movie & TV Streaming Sites Like Rainierland

Date nights have evolved greatly over the past few decades. It used to be dinner and a movie – now we simply need a quality media streaming service, great takeout and we can hibernate in front of the TV for days. Plus, if you have a lover who loves to cuddle while watching movies and series, you’ll never need to leave home again!

Unfortunately, sites like Rainierland have really been going downhill over the past few years. Before 2017, watching free movies online was easy to do. Nowadays, finding a free movie site that offers HD quality films along with an ad-free environment and the newest releases is next to impossible. The ones that do exist mostly practice outside of the law, making their movies and series illegal due to copyright infringements.

Never use streaming sites that host movies & shows illegally including the Rainierland official site – it could cost you thousands of dollars in fines.

Only Use Legal Movie Streaming Sites

Rainierland itself is an illegal platform that shares media to the general public without having the proper rights to do so. This makes it incredibly risky for you to use Rainierland unblocked, Rainiertamayo and all other variations that exist. Additionally, these illegal streaming sites like Rainierland are often loaded with phishing scams, viruses and other types fraudulent activity. Stay clear at all costs.

Now you’re probably wondering how it’s even possible to enjoy quality television in the 21st century. With all of these laws and risky websites, it can definitely become rather overwhelming. You probably just want to sit down and enjoy an action movie with Bruce Willis or a cheesy romantic comedy with Anna Kendrick – the last thing you want is to spend hours searching for a safe place to enjoy those movies.

Don’t worry, we have your back! We tested dozens of streaming platforms (all 100% legal) and narrowed it down to 6 options. Browse our list of Rainierland alternatives below and forget all about low quality streaming sites – you’re about to step into a whole new level of entertainment. You’ll soon be able to enjoy the rainierland TV shows and the best movies on Rainierland without being illegal. With Rainierland not working most of the time and rainierland proxy sites being far from legal, you’re best bet is to use the platforms that we tested, tried and enjoyed.

List of Sites Like Rainierland – Top 5 Alternatives

Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Click Here to View Tubi TV

Looking for a truly free streaming site like Rainierland online? One of the best options available is Tubi TV. Not only is the content free to stream, but it’s also completely legal. So you won’t have to worry about getting into any trouble or dealing with buffering issues. Tubi TV brings you thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries without costing you a dime. They bring you a wide selection of categories, including a Tubi Kids mode, made specifically for younger children.

Tubi TV Notes:

  • 100% free to use at all times.
  • Large variety of categories to choose from.
  • Thousands of movies & TV shows available.
  • Big movie titles & recent releases available.
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Click Here to View Hulu

Hulu is probably the best known alternative to Rainierland. It brings you live TV shows in real time and you can also go back and stream previous episodes, so you can catch up on entire TV series in one place. Hulu isn’t just about TV shows though, it also has thousands of movies available to stream. One of the best things about Hulu is that it’s all recent episodes and movies. If you’re looking for a great streaming service that brings you up to date content, Hulu is definitely your top choice.

Hulu Notes:

  • Hulu costs $5.99 per month.
  • Watch a single account on 2 different screens at once.
  • Create up to 6 user profiles.
  • Download shows & movies to watch offline.
  • Record up to 50 hours of live TV with the cloud DVR storage.
  • Live TV guide let’s you browse the 75+ live TV channels.
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Click Here to View Disney+

Your first thought about Disney+ might be, “Oh, that’s just for kids”, but think again. Disney+ is for the whole family. While it’s true, it has the largest collection of kid movies & TV shows among all streaming services, it also has tons of adult movies as well, including all the Star Wars movies, Marvel movies, National Geographic shows and more. Disney+ is one of the best streaming services to launch the market since Netflix. At just $119 per year or $11 per month, this is one service you won’t want to miss out on.

Disney+ Notes:

  • $11 per month or $119 per year.
  • Lots of movies & TV shows including Star Wars, Pixar movies, Disney movies & more.
  • An entire section dedicated to National Geographic.
  • Download movies to watch offline.
  • Stunning 4K UHD video quality available.
  • Stream on up to 4 devices simultaneously.
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Prime Video

Click Here to View Prime Video

Have you ever heard of Amazon Prime? Of course you have, but did you know that a Prime account also comes with free access to Prime Video. This is Amazon’s version of Netflix and allows you to stream thousands of top movies, TV shows and documentaries from a variety of devices. Watch on your smart phone, tablet, TV or Amazon Fire devices. Better yet, link it with Alexa to control it remotely. Prime Video has a massive selection of top tier movies & shows, plus extra perks like having access to 24/7 live news channels.

Prime Video Notes:

  • Free with an Amazon Prime account.
  • Access to top tier movies & TV shows.
  • Watch from almost any device.
  • Download & go to watch it all offline.
  • Their X-Ray feature makes it easy to find actor names in any scene and other useful information.
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Curiosity Stream

Click Here to View Curiosity Stream

If you’re looking for documentaries, Curiosity Stream is the ultimate place to be. Similar to Rainierland, Curiosity Stream is cheap to use and allows you to stream thousands of documentaries on your smart phone, tablet, computer or other smart connected devices. They let you enjoy all the content for $19 per year in HD or $9 per month if you want to get the quality up to 4K. With documentaries of all types, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Curiosity Stream Notes:

  • $19.99 per year for HD quality.
  • $69.99 per year for 4K quality.
  • Everything is unlimited – watch as much as you like.
  • Documentaries of all genres.
  • Watch on any device including phones, tablets, computers, Roku, Firestick and more!
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