6 Legal IPTV & Movie Streaming Sites Like Rainierland

Date nights have evolved greatly over the past few decades. It used to be dinner and a movie – now we simply need a quality media streaming service, great takeout and we can hibernate in front of the TV for days. Plus, if you have a lover who loves to cuddle while watching movies and series, you’ll never need to leave home again!

Unfortunately, sites like Rainierland have really been going downhill over the past few years. Before 2017, watching free movies online was easy to do. Nowadays, finding a free movie site that offers HD quality films along with an ad-free environment and the newest releases is next to impossible. The ones that do exist mostly practice outside of the law, making their movies and series illegal due to copyright infringements.

Never use streaming sites that host movies & shows illegally including the Rainierland official site – it could cost you thousands of dollars in fines.

Only Use Legal Movie Streaming Sites

Rainierland itself is an illegal platform that shares media to the general public without having the proper rights to do so. This makes it incredibly risky for you to use Rainierland unblocked, Rainiertamayo and all other variations that exist. Additionally, these illegal streaming sites like Rainierland are often loaded with phishing scams, viruses and other types fraudulent activity. Stay clear at all costs.

Now you’re probably wondering how it’s even possible to enjoy quality television in the 21st century. With all of these laws and risky websites, it can definitely become rather overwhelming. You probably just want to sit down and enjoy an action movie with Bruce Willis or a cheesy romantic comedy with Anna Kendrick – the last thing you want is to spend hours searching for a safe place to enjoy those movies.

Don’t worry, we have your back! We tested dozens of streaming platforms (all 100% legal) and narrowed it down to 6 options. Browse our list of Rainierland alternatives below and forget all about low quality streaming sites – you’re about to step into a whole new level of entertainment. You’ll soon be able to enjoy the rainierland TV shows and the best movies on Rainierland without being illegal. With Rainierland not working most of the time and rainierland proxy sites being far from legal, you’re best bet is to use the platforms that we tested, tried and enjoyed.

List of Sites Like Rainierland – Top 6 Alternatives


sites like rainierland epicstream

Click Here to Visit EpicStream

EpicStream is one of the best IPTV services currently available on the internet. They have one of the largest selections of live TV channels along with a decent size video-on-demand (VOD) collection. This allows you to watch over 600 different movies and television series. Movies range greatly – you’ll find some that were just released and you’ll also find old classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s. For just $15 per month, you can gain access to over 1,200 premium channels in high definition. EpicStream has it all – ABC, NBC, FOX, TruTV, sports networks, premium movie channels, HBO, Canadian channels, French channels and so much more. They have a full channel list directly on their website, so you can go ahead and browse their full selection in case you’re wondering if they offer specific channels. After using EpicStream for over 2 weeks, I can gladly say that it’s one of the best. No lag, very high quality IPTV streams and a nice VOD selection.

  • EpicStream pricing:
    • $15 per month
    • $40 for 3 months
    • $70 for 6 months
    • $125 for 1 year
  • Compatible with:
    • Android devices
    • Kodi
    • Amazon FireStick/FireTV
    • Smart TVs
    • iOS devices
    • StbEmu (Mac Address)
  • Extensive knowledge base & setup tutorials
  • Activation takes 1 to 6 hours on weekdays

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IPTV Junction

rainierland alternatives iptv junction

Click Here to Visit IPTV Junction

One of the best options worth considering when choosing an IPTV provider is IPTV Junction. Loaded with over 2,800 channels, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Packages start at $15 per month, but you can pay yearly in order to benefit from larger savings. At such a low price point, this makes IPTV Junction one of the best alternatives to traditional cable television. It’s also one of the best sites like Rainierland since it’s 100% legal to use and they have a massive video club with nearly 10,000 titles to explore. This TV and movie streaming service actually has one of the largest databases with it comes to VOD titles among all IPTV providers, making it a solid choice if you’re looking for alternatives to Netflix as well. Overall, IPTV Junction is cheap, loaded with tons of live TV channels and offers one of the largest movie and television series video clubs on the market.

  • IPTV Junction pricing:
    • $15 per month
    • $132 – $150 per year depending on your package
  • Compatible with:
    • Android devices
    • Kodi
    • Amazon FireStick/FireTV
    • Smart TVs
    • iOS devices
    • StbEmu (Mac Address)
    • Buzz TV app
    • Windows computers
  • 9,500+ VOD movies & television series
  • 4K live TV channels are available
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • 2,800+ channels available

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Vader Streams

vader streams iptv

Click Here to Visit Vader Streams

Reviewed as one of the best IPTV providers for 2018 – Vader Streams is definitely worth exploring. They offer a nice video-on-demand section that allows you to enjoy hundreds of movies and TV series. Most of their TV series have complete sets with all included seasons and they add new episodes as they air on live TV. Vader Streams can be used via Kodi, their web player, VLC Player, their exclusive Android APK or even with the STB emulator. One of the amazing things about Vader Streams is their excellent selection of live TV channels that are all high quality. Their live TV guide is also excellent with a full 14-day EPG. To make Vaders even more interesting, you can even benefit from a 7-day catchup period, which automatically stores all episodes from most channels for up to 7 days – if you missed your favorite show and forgot to record, just use their catchup feature. However, the one true advantage that Vader Streams has over all of the competition is allowing you to use their service on up to 5 devices simultaneously with a single account. Vader Streams is one of my personal favorites and definitely delivers a lot of great features.

  • $15 per month
  • Stream on up to 5 devices simultaneously with a single account
  • Choose between their Android APK, Kodi, VLC Player or even their web player
  • Premium channels including sports channels & PPV are included
  • Full 14-day EPG and 7-day catchup

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cablecast iptv

Click Here to Visit CableCast

If you’re looking for an international IPTV provider that has loads of channels from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, India and more, CableCast is the best option for you. They have one of the largest selections of live TV channels including many channels that aren’t available on other services such as French Canadian (Quebec channels), Tamil (India channels) and more. CableCast also has the largest VOD selection I’ve ever seen with over 10,000 movies and TV series to choose from. Plus, they add new episodes and newly released movies on a weekly basis, so you’ll always have tons of new media to enjoy. CableCast is a reseller for various services including IPTV Express, OK2, Gold, VooDoo and IPGuys. They have outstanding support, fast service activations and some of the lowest prices in the industry.

  • CableCast pricing:
    • $15 per month CDN for 1 month (roughly $12 USD)
    • $42 CDN for 3 months (roughly $32 USD)
    • $78 CDN for 6 months (roughly $60 USD)
  • Compatible with:
    • Amazon FireStick/FireTV
    • Android devices
    • Smart TVs
  • 2,300+ live TV channels & 10,000 VOD titles
  • Time-Shift available – pause & rewind live channels
  • Channels & VOD available in 15+ different languages

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Beast TV

beast iptv

Click Here to Visit Beast TV

Beast TV (also known as Beast IPTV) is one of the cheapest IPTV providers on the internet. While their pricing is low, they don’t compromise on quality. You’ll get to enjoy over 1,600 premium channels in high definition. This includes sports packages, news networks, pay per view movies and so much more. Better yet, you can even use a single account to watch on up to 3 devices simultaneously, making this one of the most affordable sites like Rainierland in our entire list. The TV guide at Beast TV is one of the best-looking EPGs in the business and their device support covers almost every device imaginable. With over 400 USA channels, 150+ Canadian channels and all the sports networks and paid sporting events included, you’ll never have a dull moment when signing up for Beast TV.

  • Beast TV pricing:
    • $2 for a 48-hour trial
    • $15 for 1 month
    • $40 for 3 months
    • $70 for 6 months
    • $130 for 1 year
  • Compatible devices:
    • Android devices
    • STB Emulator
    • Buzz TV app
    • Amazon FireStick/FireTV
    • Internet browsers
    • Smart phones
    • Tablets
    • Perfect Player
    • Apple TV
  • Watch on up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • 1,600+ live HD channels
  • Best-looking EPG available

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Click Here to Visit XstreamingTV

Last up on our list is another excellent Rainierland alternative in the form of IPTV. While their pricing is a little steeper than most at $25 per month, you can use XstreamingTV on up to 5 devices simultaneously, which makes up for the cost. Their web player makes it easier for you to get setup or use it on any device including mobile phones and tablets. Plus, their massive selection including thousands of HD live channels and VOD movies, makes XstreamingTV one of the most complete IPTV services available online. XstreamingTV has a beautiful guide that makes it easy for you to go from live TV to sporting events to VOD movies and even internet streams. With XstreamingTV by your side, you’ll have all of the entertainment you can handle.

  • XstreamingTV pricing:
    • $1 for a 3-day trial
    • $25 per month
    • $142 for 6 months
    • $270 for 1 year
  • Compatible with all devices via Android app or web player
  • Beautiful EPG 
  • 14,000+ VOD movies, TV series & sporting events
  • 1,000+ HD live channels
  • Available on up to 5 devices simultaneously
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