14 Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

Sites like YouTube are great for discovering videos of all sorts. Video sharing sites like the ones listed here are great for finding tips online, laughing at pranks or even for sharing special moments with your family. While YouTube is the most popular video site online, there are many other video sharing sites like YouTube available online.

We made it our mission to find the best video search engine websites online. With our list of YouTube alternatives, you will be able to find even more amazing videos. Plus, some of these video websites have exclusive videos that can’t even be found on YouTube. Like watching full length films at F2 Movies.

Browse our list of free sites like YouTube now to instantly discover millions of funny, inspiring and helpful videos online. You can also use these sites to share your very own videos and movies online. We guarantee that you’ll get addicted from the moment you start watching your first videos on these sites!


vimeo youtube alternatives

Vimeo is a great place to share indie films and videos that you’ve made when you wish to have a career in film making. Vimeo has no disruptive ads and they provide you with the ability to stream HD videos. With Vimeo, you will be able to watch and stream videos online from any device including a computer, tablet, mobile phone and more. Take a look at Vimeo right now to discover amazing videos online.


Sites like Vine

Vine is without a doubt the leading YouTube alternative. This video sharing website is a little different because the videos are much shorter. The cool thing about Vine is that the videos play in loops, so you can constantly watch the videos over and over again without having to constantly press on the play button. Check out Vine if you’re looking for a simple site like Vine that has a ton of user shared content every day.


Sites like DailyMotion

DailyMotion is another option among the leading sites like YouTube online. This video site has tons of new media uploaded every single day. Whether you’re looking for videos about craft beer or even if you want clips about the latest sports news, you’ll find it at DailyMotion. This video website is simple to browse and packed with tons of cool videos. Check out DailyMotion right now!


Sites like livestream

Official Site

LiveStream is like YouTube, but instead everything is live. One of the great things about LiveStream is that you can stream just about anything in real time. Whether you want to stream TV shows, stream live conferences or even stream live classrooms, LiveStream has it. You will have to pay a monthly membership to use LiveStream, but it’s truly unique and worth spending a bit of money to use.

Not For TV

Sites like Not For TV

Official Site

Not For TV is one of the great sites like YouTube that presents you with tons of uncensored videos. These are videos that would normally be removed from YouTube like sites, making it a fun place to watch exclusive videos. Not For TV constantly has new videos being uploaded and is quite popular. They have an entirely free environment and it’s super easy to use, so check out Not For TV right now for uncensored videos!


Sites like LiveLeak

LiveLeak is one of the best places to watch videos of news and new things that just happened. You’ll find out about the latest news such as bridges falling, car crashes, shark attacks and more. LiveLeak is also a great place to find the newest viral videos online. Whether you want to stay up to date with the news online or even if you want to watch tons of viral and current media, you’ll love using LiveLeak.


sites like metacafe

MetaCafe brings you a ton of great videos that will get you hooked to their video site for hours at a time. The videos are varied such as bizarre tattoos, hot bikini moments, funny fails and much more. The search tools are amazing, allowing you to quickly find the videos that interest you the most. Users on MetaCafe and watch and upload videos, making this a wonderful video sharing website like YouTube.


Sites like bigthink

Official Site

BigThink is one of the great YouTube alternatives that aims to bring you answers to life’s biggest questions. They have videos with celebrities such as Bill Nye the Science Guy and many more. Their video site is very well built and simple to use so you can rapidly find cool videos. You’ll probably end up spending hours here every time you return because BigThink is extremely addictive with their awesome videos.


sites like twitch

Twitch is the place to go if you want to watch live video game streams. You can stream live xBox games, live PS4 games and many other consoles including computer games as well. Twitch is 100% free to use and it has an incredibly popular environment, providing you with tons of games to stream at all times. If you love watching people play video games in real time, you’ll love using Twitch.


Sites like viddler

Official Site

Viddler is like YouTube, but for businesses. It specializes in allowing businesses to grow their video branding and video marketing strategies online. It’s also a great place to find out about new businesses or even find potential business partners. Viddler comes with a fee, but this is mainly to prevent unrelated videos from being posted and only ensuring that serious businesses are active on their site.


Sites for recipe videos

Official Site

Scoff is the YouTube of recipes. If you’re looking for videos of recipes, you’re going to find them here. Scoff has recipe videos for just about any type of food, making it the best place to learn how to cook new meals. With Scoff’s highly active user base, new recipe videos get uploaded on a daily basis, making it easy to always find out about the newest and most exclusive meal recipes available online.


Pose fashion video sites

Official Site

Pose is among the best sites like YouTube for finding fashion videos online. Pose has tons of styling videos, fashion videos, makeup videos and even workout videos.¬†Pose mainly targets women, so there aren’t many videos for men on this website, but women love it. Pose has become one of the best video sites for women online. If you’re a girl looking for a YouTube alternative, you’ll love using Pose.


decobliss sites like YouTube

Official Site

With DecoBliss, you will be able to watch tons of videos about home decor. If you love using sites like YouTube to browse videos of home decor, DecoBliss is where you’ll want to be. These videos are extremely well made and new uploads are added every single day so you can always find new home decoration ideas. Check out DecoBliss right now and you’ll be redecorating your house in no time!


video sites for brides

Official Site

Brideas is the ultimate video site for brides to be. If you’re in the process of planning your wedding or even if you love to dream of your big day, Brideas is where you’ll want to be. This video site like YouTube lets you find wedding decoration ideas, dress reviews, wedding tips and much more. Brideas is well built and adds new videos to their website every day making it easy for you to plan your wedding!

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