4 Local Selling Sites Like Kijiji

Kijiji is an online platform which deals with the classified advertisement of goods and services. The classified advertising site is owned by eBay, one of the most popular online sites for buying and selling goods or services. Kijiji’s popularity is mainly in Canada but it started in the United States. Kijiji gives you efficient and simple ways of locating what you are in need of and also sell whatever you feel is junk. All you have to do is to sign up for free and use your account to post your advert on the platform. Remember to include some photos as well as a brief description of the services or products.

With tens of millions of people conducting business through Kijiji from Canada alone, there is a large gap concerning online classified services. As a matter of fact, its authoritative existence in the Canadian market makes it one of the most influential online platforms in the country. Many customers are longing to buy or sell valuables but they are based in areas where Kijiji has not been established.

Therefore, if you are in such a situation, all you have to do is find the best sites like Kijiji near you and you’ll be covered. But, the next question you may ask: how sure am I that these sites are as authentic as Kijiji? Well, that’s why we are here. There is a need for similar products or platforms that provide services of high quality.

We have conducted intensive research on the various sites like Kijiji that can help you achieve what you desire in buying and selling of goods and services. These sites offer their services worldwide and have a good rapport in the field of online classifieds. Therefore, have a look at the following Kijiji alternatives and make your choice according to your needs:



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Craiglist is one of the top online classified sites similar to Kijiji. One advantage of craigslist is that it has extended far and wide to many countries. Therefore it fits the bill as one of the Kijiji alternatives worldwide. Craiglist has designed its site for specific purposes hence easy to use. Some of these sections include housing, jobs, for sale, community, gigs, items wanted, personals and resumes among other classifieds.



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If you are in Canada and would like to engage in an online trade, then you have to visit Yatoola. As one of the best Kijiji alternatives in Canada, Yatoola gives you the opportunity to sell your home or car at the right price. It also has an option for French Speaking clients based in Canada, hence appreciating the variety.


sites like geebo

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Geebo is similar to Kijiji and Craiglist in structure and is an effective online site for classified ads. You can make different types of advertisements, especially jobs and other related services. However, the unfortunate thing about Geebo is that it’s located only in the United States. Nevertheless, browsing for products and selling services is made easy.



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One reason why Letgo is in this category is because it operates in both North America and various parts of Europe. The process of posting an ad is so easy, especially with the Letgo App. The app helps quick uploading of photos and descriptions that would attract many buyers.

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