5 Freelance Labor Sites Like TaskRabbit

Sites like TaskRabbit are incredibly useful for people who lead busy lifestyles. TaskRabbit is one of the best freelance labor sites where you can hire local help to perform your chores. Whether you work long hours or even if you have kids, TaskRabbit is going to free up your time. You can find all sorts of services such as office cleaning services Chicago.

TaskRabbit is incredibly simple to use and has millions of users. Regardless of where you live, you will be able to find people who can run your errands, clean your house and even build furniture for you. TaskRabbit provides amazing results at incredibly low costs.

However, there are many other websites like TaskRabbit that can provide you with similar results. Being able to find local freelance labor from multiple sites will allow you to compare rates and get the best deals. Explore our list of sites like TaskRabbit below to get started!

Hire a Helper

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Hire a Helper is one of the best websites to hire local freelancers in your area. Hire a Helper specializes in moving house, so if you need extra arms on moving day, you will definitely want to check out this site. Hire a Helper is available all throughout the USA and provides you with extremely affordable rates. Take a look at Hire a Helper if you plan on moving house anytime soon!


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Cleanify is another excellent option to choose from when searching for sites like TaskRabbit. Cleanify is a house cleaning service that provides you with numerous options. You can choose to have your house cleaned on a regular basis, when moving in or out of a new house, after office hours and much more. Cleanify is a highly professional service consisting of freelancers and is definitely worth checking out.

Hire a Day Laborer

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Hire a Day Laborer is one of the most mainstream organizations in North America for finding local freelancers. If you need help around your house, on a construction site or even if you need help moving house, you will find all the help you need right here. Hire a Day Laborer allows you to pay affordable rates for quality services. Consider getting your next freelance labor from Hire a Day Laborer.

LinkedIn ProFinder

If you’re looking for more professional freelancers, you’re going to love LinkedIn ProFinder. While this isn’t as similar to TaskRabbit as the other sites listed here, it still allows you to find quality freelance labor in your local area. Whether you need a writer, an accountant, a lawyer or even an architect, you’re going to find what you’re looking for at LinkedIn ProFinder.


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TimeSvr is one of the best sites like TaskRabbit if you’re looking for virtual assistants. You can hire virtual assistants for almost anything at TimeSvr, allowing you to get more work done without as much effort. Whether you need help with work related tasks or even if you need a virtual assistant for personal reasons, TimeSvr is one of the best places to visit. Check out their website now to get started!

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