6 Free Music Download Sites Like ItemVN

If you love music, you’ll love ItemVN, this is a great place to stream free music online. There’s no need to fill up your hard drive with a ton of data, with ItemVN, you can instantly listen to the best tunes available. All the best songs are available to stream with ItemVN.

If you’re a fan of Meghan Trainor, The Chainsmokers, or Drake, you can find all their latest albums on ItemVN. With this free music download site, you’ll also find new favorites to play in the car on your ride home from work, while you study, or just chilling on a rainy day.

With ItemVN you can search by artist, top songs, or by specific keywords. Try writing a random word and see what you get, who knows, you might fall in love with the song suggestion. If you loved listening to free music online with ItemVN, take a look at our list of sites like ItemVN that all let you stream your favorite tunes from your favorite artists.



Spotify is a cool place to stream all your favorite songs, for free. This great place to download free music online has something for everyone. There are songs for your little ones, oldies for the more mature people of your family, and the latest pop songs for your teens. With Spotify you can stream to any device that has an internet connection. This gives you the freedom to listen to your favorite music anywhere you go. You can even use Spotify on your gaming consoles to create your own playlists as you slay dragons, play multiplayer sports, and go on a grand theft auto rampage. You’ll love Spotify, give it a try.

Groove Shark 

Official Site

If you’re an audiophile, you’ll love Groove Shark. This addition to websites like ItemVN is awesome. All the songs you play will instantly be displayed on your screen, directly from Groove Shark’s website. There’s no downloading and no third-party connection. Listening to free music online has never been easier than with Groove Shark. This is one of the best sites like ItemVN that lets you bring music with you wherever you go.


Another one of the top free music sites is Deezer. Deezer lets you personalize your music and then let’s you stream it for free, wherever you go. There are no limitations with Deezer, you’ll never have to pay for a tune, no matter how many you listen to. This addition to sites like ItemVN also has a never-ending music collection, there are always new singles and complete albums being added to this cool site. Click on the link above to start browsing their selection of popular songs.

Jamendo Music  

Official Site

Jamendo Music is the trendiest addition to our free music download sites. This site has a lot more than music. You can make your own playlists or views ones that others have made. You can browse the ton of songs available. You can listen to Jamendo’s favorite pics and you can join a large community of music lovers just like you. Within the community, you’ll find people who love the same music as you and maybe learn about new songs, or be daring and check out something new. You might be surprised by what you find.


8Tracks must be added to our list of sites like ItemVN. This streaming site is excellent, despite being a little different. 8Tracks is all about playlists. Individuals and professionals can mix and match their own favorite songs to create themed playlists. Then the collections can be shared with other and streamed. This gives 8Tracks a leg up on the others. Being able to share tunes you love and learn about new ones that touch your soul is what music is all about. If you’re a true audiophile you probably live by this last sentence.


Official Site

Vevo is one of our top picks. This addition to sites like ItemVN streams music videos. A lot of music videos. On Vevo you can find just about any music video that has been created. There’s a ton of lyric videos too, that let you sing along. You can even create a playlist on Vevo or stream one of that Vevo has created based on different themes. Use one of these themed playlists for your next party or make one with lyrics for a Karaoke night.

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