6 Online Loan Sites Like Advance America

Have you hit a stump in your finances? Do you need a little pick me up to stay above water? AdvanceAmerica loans are the leading website to help you with a quick loan to aid with your bills.

AdvanceAmerica title loans get you the money you need quickly and safely. With this company, you can also get you an installment or title loan. Every year this site helps millions with its fully licensed financial services.

All the AdvanceAmerica online reviews are real and honest. This gives you a great insight on what to expect with this easy cash advance service. The best thing about AdvanceAmerica is that all can be done online, no need to leave your home. For more respectable sites for loans and payday advances peruse our list of companies just like AdvanceAmerica.


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CashNetUSA is one of the best sites like Advance America loans. This site offers loan services across the United States. If you need a loan be sure to check the rates and maximum loan amounts in your state. The loans at CashNetUSA are short term. The payment must be made on your next payday. Like AdvanceAmerica loan company, this site will also accept your application within minutes and if you’re approved you will receive the money the same day.

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Your Payday

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If you’ve hit a rough patch financially and need a little help, YourPayday is waiting for you to contact them. Similar to the AdvanceAmerica requirements, you can quickly apply for a loan and get approved fast. The money is then deposited directly into your bank account. Do you want to buy a new car or do pay some long forgotten bills? No matter the size of the loan, YourPayday can help you with your needs. Just fill out the application to get started. YourPayday isn’t a direct lender they are a service site that matches the applicant with the best independent third party lender.


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Do you need help with money managing or are you looking for a loan? MoneyLion is one of the best AdvanceAmerica payday loan substitute sites on the market. This site wants to help you become a savvier saver. Not only does MoneyLion offer loans, it also offers money management services, free credit monitoring, and advice for your wealth. MoneyLion must be added to sites like AdavancAmerica. Its main goal is to give you peace of mind when it comes to your wallet and bank account. They can even help you with your long-term goals and future projects.

Need Personal Loans

Need Personal Loans can get you a loan from $1000, all the way to $100.000, depending on your credit score. With its fast and simple forms, and its speedy registration, this addition AdvanceAmerica loans is a great place to boost your budget. The repayment schedule offered will be customized to your needs. The length and repayment terms will be agreed upon by both parties before anything is signed. One of the most satisfying things about NeedPersonalLoans is that you’re sure that all your personal information is safe and secure. They use a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology for all your sensitive data.

Blue Trust Loans

Do you have a less than perfect credit score? If you said yes, BlueTrustLoans is for you. This site can approve your application within 24 hours and can lend you anything between $100 and $1250. For a site similar to AdvanceAmerica, where you can do everything necessary for your application online from the comfort of your home, choose BlueTrustLoans. Another great thing about this site is that you don’t have to pay your debt by your next payday. Even the smallest loans can be repaid in installments.


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This last addition to sites like AdvanceAmerica loans is another matching service. LendYou will examine your application and set you up with the best lender for you. They also try to get the best interest rates and repayment schedules. Their goal is to satisfy your needs. Even if you’ve completed the loan request process, you can cancel your application anytime with no worries. There’s no pressure to make a decision until your electronic signature is made, just like the other AdvanceAmerica site recommendations. Take all the time you need.

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