9 Electronics Financing Sites Like MDG

If you want to finance electronics online, you’re going to love sites like MDG. These consumer finance sites allow you to get approved for loans online with low credit scores and for decent amounts. While the interest rates are a little higher, you can split up the MDG payments over many years, allowing you to spend just a few dollars per week on quality electronics.

MDG.com is great for TV financing, laptop financing and even furniture financing. You’ll instantly get approved and most people can get decent loans with low credit scores. Whether you’re looking for PS4 financing or even if you want a new tablet for cheap, you’ll love our sites like MDG.

We looked all over the internet in order to find excellent MDG alternatives so you could get quality electronics even if you have a bad credit score. Explore our list of websites like MDG below to start shopping with amazing financing options.


HSN is the Home Shopping Network, which allows you to pretty much find anything for your home. This includes electronics, furniture, home decor and much more. Best of all, Home Shopping Network provides a special financing plan called Flexpay, which allows you to get the products that you want now and pay for them later. HSN is one of the best sites like MDG online.


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While Loan Solo isn’t actually an electronics financing site, it allows you to borrow up to $5,000 regardless of your credit score. This can make it an excellent solution for people who need electronics fast. Once approved, the funds are wired to your bank account within 1 business day, so you can immediately use that money to buy electronics from any store. Explore LoanSolo now as an alternative to MDG.

Tech for Less

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Whether you want to get your hands on refurbished electronics or open-box electronics, you’ll love shopping at Tech for Less. This site like MDG lets you benefit from outstanding discount rates since none of their products are 100% new. However, they are in amazing condition and work just like they did on day one. Check out Tech for Less to save money on electronics online.


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Another one of the leading sites like MDG is DinoDirect. This online store lets you shop for electronics, clothing and much more by using your Dino Wallet. The Dino Wallet essentially allows you to get rewards every time you purchase something on their website and these rewards are in the form of dollars. Shopping at DinoDirect actually lets you make money while you shop online.


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EasyHome is a site like MDG in Canada that lets you buy electronics, furniture and basically anything online with financing. You can get electronics financing, furniture financing online and much more within minutes. They state that you can get approved with bad credit or no credit and that they have flexible repayment terms. If you’re looking for financing online, check out EasyHome.


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Visions Electronics is another Canadian electronics store online that lets you benefit from great financing plan. You can benefit from up to 18 months as far as repayments go and you can get approved within minutes. Whether you want the latest iPhone or even if you want to get yourself a financed PS4, Visions Electronics is one of the best MDG alternatives in Canada.


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If you’re looking for a rent to own site online, you’re going to love Aaron’s. This site lets you purchase appliances, electronics and many other home products. You essentially have to fill out a lease form and once you’ve made enough payments, you own the items. If you fail to make the payments, they simply take the items back. Check out Aaron’s as an MDG alternative right now!


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BuyDig is another MDG alternative that lets you purchase electronics through financing plans online. They have everything from high-tech cameras, TVs, tablets and even drones. BuyDig has a ton of rebates and discount rates, allowing you to save a ton of money when shopping through their online store. If you love MDG and want more products of the same type, you’ll love BuyDig.


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With amazing deals on electronics and many overstock sales every single week, Directron is one of the top places to buy high quality electronics for cheap online. This site has a huge selection to choose from and you’ll save money on everything you buy. Browse computers, tablets, computer parts and much more right now and you’ll save loads of money by shopping at Directron!

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