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Sites like JibJab are amazing because they allow you to share interactive eCards with family and friends. JibJab is an eCard site where you can send virtual cards to the people you love. JibJab is the company behind Elf Yourself and they have many online birthday cards, thank you cards, anniversary cards and more.

The eCards at JibJab are highly interactive and they are super easy to send. You will easily be able to find a card that’s suitable for the person that you want to send it to. JibJab requires you to pay for some eCards, but you’ll often be given a JibJab promo code when you send cards online.

While JibJab is pretty awesome, we want to share a few JibJab alternatives so you can benefit from even more choice when searching for the best eCards online. Browse our list of sites like JibJab below to find the best free animated eCards online.

American Greetings

sites like jibjab american greetings

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American Greetings is among the best sites like JibJab online. It’s packed with thousands of free eCards that you can instantly send to loved ones. They have a massive collection of categories ranging from birthday cards to thank you notes. Regardless of the type of virtual card you want to send, American Greetings has exactly what you’re looking for and you can send it for free.

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punchbowl sites like jibjab

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PunchBowl is another one of the great JibJab alternatives online. This free site lets you choose from thousands of amazing eCards. These eCards are incredibly well made and they cover every type of occasion, event or celebration. Whether you want to send an anniversary ecard or even if you want to send a funny card, PunchBowl has greatness waiting to be discovered!

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pingg free sites like jibjab

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If you’re looking for sites like JibJab for sending out invitations or announcements, you’re going to love Pingg. Send out announcements about your pregnancy or invite family and friends to your wedding online. Pingg is packed with greeting cards as well and you can send thank you notes too. Check out Pingg right now and start sending out free eCards within moments!

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rattlebox sites like jibjab

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RattleBox is a site like JibJab that lets you quickly send out video eCards and interactive eCards to the people you love. You’ll find hilarious eCards, thank you eCards and plenty of other types of online cards. It’s as simple as picking a card of your choice, personalizing it and sending it out. RattleBox is a free eCard service that allows you to send out the messages within moments of opening up their site.

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