8 Fitness Apparel Stores Like Fabletics

Fabletics is one of the largest fitness fashion stores online. While they sell a ton of trendy yoga apparel designs, their prices are sometimes rather steep. Finding other online stores like Fabletics will allow you to get amazing yoga clothing for much cheaper.

One of the things that makes Fabletics so enjoyable is the fact that they sell entire yoga outfits. Fortunately, we have found many sites like Fabletics that sell discount yoga clothes as entire outfits. This allows you to get the same high quality yoga apparel without overspending.

There are dozens of stores like Fabletics online, but we made sure to only include the very best of them. These sites have high quality workout fashion with free shipping and trendy designs. Browse the list below to instantly find fitness fashion that you love at irresistible prices.

Brighter Yoga

Official Site

Brighter Yoga is one of the best Fabletics alternatives available online. This yoga apparel store has a huge selection of yoga pants, tops, headbands and more. They also carry a nice selection of yoga accessories as well as yoga mats. Brighter Yoga offers free shipping on all orders and you can shop their store from numerous countries including the USA and Canada.

Yoga Clothing for You

Official Site

Yoga Clothing for You is another excellent option when searching for sites like Fabletics online. They specialize in bringing you affordable yoga apparel that doesn’t compromise on quality. The fabrics used are highly flexible, breathable and extremely comfortable. Whether you’re looking for men’s yoga clothing, women’s yoga apparel or even accessories, you will find it at Yoga Clothing for You.


Official Site

Evolve is probably the most similar to Fabletics of all the sites listed here when it comes to fitness fashion. Their trendy designs appeal to younger generations and allow you to purchase workout fashion for cheap. Evolve has yoga apparel of all genres and styles, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Explore the Evolve Fitwear online store right now to discover their amazing pieces.

Strut This

Official Site

Strut This is another great place to go when searching for sites like Fabletics. They hold a huge selection of yoga wear and their collection is constantly updated, allowing you to find new pieces on a regular basis. Strut This has a heavy presence on social media platforms, most notably on Instagram. Their fitness fashion apparel follows the latest trends, yet remains highly affordable.

Everything Yoga

Official Site

Everything Yoga is one of the best yoga stores online worth adding to your bookmarks. This yoga store brings you pretty much anything you could possibly need including yoga mats, clothing, accessories and even yoga decor. Their selection of yoga pants and yoga tops is impressive with many amazing deals. Browse Everything Yoga if you’re looking for discount yoga clothes and more!

Dona Jo

Official Site

Dona Jo is a great fitness fashion site that brings you the latest trends in yoga apparel. If you want to look amazing while working out, this is the place to be. Dona Jo has slightly higher prices than the other stores in this list, but the quality is amazing and their designs are exclusive to their store. Browse Dona Jo Fitwear now if you’re searching for high quality stores like Fabletics.

Yoga Direct

Official Site

Yoga Direct is an online yoga store wholesaler. They allow you to buy wholesale yoga mats, clothing, accessories and much more. By buying direct, you get to save a ton of money, especially when buying in bulk. Yoga Direct is one of the best online stores to visit if you own a yoga studio or even if you go through a ton of yoga gear on a regular basis. Check out their online yoga store now!


**YogaSmoga is out of business.

YogaSmoga has a huge collection of yoga clothing online. They also have 10 physical boutiques that you can visit. YogaSmoga uses amazingly high quality fabrics, making their yoga apparel far superior than most other online stores. If you’re looking for stores like Fabletics that offers quality yoga clothing at affordable prices, you definitely won’t want to miss out on YogaSmoga.

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