8 Lululemon Alternatives for Sexy Yoga Pants

When guys think of yoga, they imagine hot girls with tight butts in sexy yoga pants. Women, on the other hand go straight to thinking of the very popular Lululemon brand. Lululemon is one of the few household brands in the workout and yoga apparel industry. They provide incredible comfort, great flexibility and they look absolutely amazing. Women love wearing them and men love seeing women in them – it doesn’t get any better than that.

Why even bother search for other stores like Lululemon?

While Lululemon competitors may not be as popular as this leading brand, they surely have a lot to offer. In fact, Lululemon grew big and fast due to lots of marketing dollars spent, but there are other stores like Lululemon that offer similar type of clothing and simply don’t have the same exposure as Lululemon. Even better, lots of other brands like Lululemon sell their clothing for less, so you can expect to get the same high level of quality without having to spend a small fortune.

The internet is loaded with online stores, but only a handful sites like Lululemon are actually worthy of being mentioned. We filtered out all of the weeds by removing the yoga apparel stores that charged way too much, the ones that offered poor quality fabrics and the ones that had ridiculous support teams. We tested a total of 38 different workout apparel stores like Lululemon over the course of 2 weeks in order to deliver this list of alternatives.

Hopefully all of our hard work will allow you to easily find yoga apparel stores that you love. So without any further a due, go ahead and browse our list of brands like Lululemon and let us know your thoughts by sharing a comment below.

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Fabletics is another one of the excellent stores like Lululemon that brings you quality yoga pants for cheap. When you first sign up, you can get 2 pairs of leggings for just $24. Fabletics is owned by the same people behind JustFab and it’s also endorsed by Kate Hudson. If you enjoy quality yoga pants and workout clothes at affordable rates, you won’t want to miss out on this store that’s very similar to Lululemon in terms of quality and affordability.

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Lucy Activewear is another one of the excellent places to get cheap yoga pants and workout clothes online without having to compromise on quality. With huge savings on a regular basis, you will always be able to find great yoga clothing for cheap. Take a look at the Lucy Activewear store now and we guarantee that you’ll find workout clothes that you absolutely love.

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Rock Wear

rock wear

Official Site

Another one of the best sites like Lululemon that’s based outside of the United States is Rock Wear. Located in Australia, they have a ton of different styles for you to choose from. Explore their huge range of sexy and comfortable yoga pants, sports bras, yoga accessories and so much more. Their styles are a little different than the Lululemon yoga pants and workout clothing that you may be used to seeing, but don’t let that fool you, they deliver superb quality fabrics with sexy outfits that will have all eyes gazing on you. Rock Wear has very low prices so make sure to browse their online platform now and catch up on all of their latest promotions.

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Last but not least is Zatki. Just like Yoga Rebel, they are located in the UK and they provide you with high end yoga pants and workout clothing of all genres. With highly breathable fabrics and free deliveries once you reach a certain amount in your cart, Zatki is a great place to save money while buying the best workout clothes online. Take a look at their online store now and you’ll quickly see why they are among the best Lululemon alternatives online.

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Onzie is one of the major yoga brands like Lululemon that has taken over the industry recently. Onzie provides you with plenty of different styles of yoga pants including exclusive designs and fabrics. If you’re looking for extremely breathable yoga pants with low pricing, you’re going to love shopping at Onzie. Explore their online store now as one of the top alternatives to Lululemon and we guarantee that you will be able to find workout clothing and entire yoga outfits including comfortable yoga pants at a fraction of the cost.

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Prana is also one of the major players in the industry and they have been for many years now. As one of the best brands like Lululemon, Prana brings you all sorts of exclusive styles and designs. Browse their online shop now to discover tons of different styles of yoga pants and you will instantly see why Prana is much different than Lululemon in many ways. While this may sound like a con, it’s actually a major positive, because it provides you with an additional genre of yoga clothing online that is affordable and comfortable to wear.

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Yoga Rebel

yoga rebel

Official Site

Yoga Rebel is based out of London, so if you’re in the UK, you will be able to benefit from free shipping. However, Yoga Rebel also ships to the USA and other countries, making them one of the best stores like Lululemon online. With tons of high end yoga pants and numerous brands like Lululemon to explore, you will easily find yoga wear that suits your style and budget.

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**YogaSmoga went out of business.

YogaSmoga is one of the top places to buy yoga pants online. With amazingly low prices and very high quality fabrics, you will truly enjoy wearing their yoga pants. Whether you want to wear them for working out, going to yoga sessions or even just for laying around at home, the yoga pants at YogaSmoga are perfect for all types of use and they are highly affordable too. Unfortunately YogaSmoga is out of business now and they have no plans on returning to the yoga clothing industry.

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