7 Best Liquidation Sites Like Liquidation.com

If you love bulk suppliers and liquidators, you’ll love this list of sites like Liquidation.com. Liquidation.com has a ton of overstocked and reshelved merchandised priced around 70-90% off. You can find anything for your home, garage, or business on this site. Liquidation.com also has new, discounted, items for you to purchase.

Liquidation.com can also help you on your next moving day. They have a complete inventory of boxes, packing crates, and freights for you to pick up or have shipped to your door. You can order items using the fixed price option or try your luck with the hot auctions. Shipping costs are usually calculated by weight so the more you buy, the more you save. If you live near your seller, you can arrange your own shipping or pick up.

Liquidation has everything you might need and fits with your budget. It also treats, even the newbies, as valued shoppers. You’ll always get total satisfaction with this online overstock store. Liquidation websites have been around for a long time. Some are better than others. That’s why we’ve scoured the web to find the best overstock deals for you. Browse our list and find everything you need without breaking the bank.

Dollar Days 

Unmatched pricing, incredible selection, friendly service, and perfect sizes are just a few things you should know about Dollar Days. This website is so good it has to be included on our list of sites like liquidation.com. You can find anything, and we mean anything, on Dollar Days. This is a dollar store with wholesale prices. You’ll never want to leave your home again when you discover this site.


PoliceAuctions don’t want to make a killing on their sales, they just want to get rid of their inventory. This is one of the top liquidation companies on our list. On police auctions you can bid-to-buy foreclosed houses, seized boats and even unclaimed money. Start by narrowing down your search to your local area to begin bidding. The final purchase prices will shock you every time. There’s nothing better than a bid on a PoliceAuction liquidation site.

Public Surplus 

Public Surplus is another one of the best liquidations sites on our list, it is also very similar to PoliceAuctions. Public Surplus help you find exactly what you’re looking for with their filtered search option. You can also browse auctions by area or agency. Some of the things you can find on this website are animals, clothing, food, and furniture. Log onto Public Surplus’s website to start a bidding war for some excellent deals.

Closeout Services 

Closeout Services have declared they have the best prices and are ready to prove it with their website. This is one of the cheapest wholesale auction sites on our list. Find deals by the truckload and liquidation prices on top of the wholesale price. Every order over $300 qualifies for free shipping in the United States. If you plan on spending less than that, expect your shipping costs to be anywhere between $15 and $45. That’s still an awesome deal. Click on the link above to start shopping on Closeout Services.

AAA Online Auctions 

AAA Online Auctions

Our list of sites like Liquidation.com must include AAA Online Auctions. This will soon become your #1 source for closeouts, liquidated items and auction merchandise. There are hundreds of new listings each day with prices that are significantly lower than wholesale. You can purchase one item, buy the pallet, or by the truckload. The choice is up to you. Whatever you decide, just know that you’ve gotten an amazing deal.


Sind 1997, UBid has been helping people save a ton of money with their online auction. There are over 25 categories for you to shop from. Collectibles, electronics, jewelry, and travel packages are just a few. UBid specializes on popular everyday items like watches and laptops. More than 5 million people have already used UBid to get an awesome deal, you should be considering this site similar to Liquidation.com too.

Property Room 

Lastly, we must mention Property Room. This is another one of the best bulk suppliers and liquidators on our list. Property Room has deals galore. You can bid on tools starting at $1, you can search police and electronic auctions, and you can save up to 100% on the items that haven’t received any bids. Yup, you heard us, 100% off. That means free. Those deals don’t last more than a few seconds though, so move on over to Property Room and start clicking. Good luck.

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