5 Internet Archive Sites Like Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is an internet archive that lets you remember what a website looked like in the past. Websites like to keep ahead of the trends and are always updating but sometimes nostalgia hits and we want to remember how they originally looked. With Wayback Machine you can do this. This archive site has screenshots of websites of the past, from 1996 to the present.

There are also a few “special” collections on Wayback Machine’s website. These special collections feature things like how people responded to the 9/11 tradgedy and the 2000 U.S. elections. You can also view the “web pioneers”, these are sites that we’re important in the early internet years. With over 10 billion pages in their archives, you’re sure to stumble upon something interesting and surprising. Search your favorite sites and see how they once looked.

The Alexa program is the one that started this enormous archiving system. With over 100 terabytes of storage you’ll never run out of things to discover on this time machine website archive site. If you want to learn more about websites of the past, take a look at our list of sites like Wayback Machine, each one has a different library of archives for you to enjoy.


Official Site

Do you have a website you’d like to archive? With this addition to our list of internet archive sites you can do just that. Simply type the URL of your chosen site into Archive’s “save my page” box and add it to the list. Your page will be forever immortalized on the web as it is today. Archive is a time capsule for websites that will capture a snapshot and keep a record of the sites information for you, or others, to view at a later time. Archive is one of the best Wayback Machine alternatives.

Time Travel 

Official Site

Time Travel is another great archivist that has website history screenshots and collected data from years ago. To use Time Travel all you have to do is enter the desired website name and the time span you want to search in. It’s that easy. Your results will pull up screenshots, data, and stories from your desired website. You’ll be able to compare what it looked like in the past to what it looks like now. This can be great for research or personal discoveries. Travel back in time to the beginning of the internet era and see how much things have changed, with this addition to sites like Wayback Machine.


Official Site

Screenshots currently has over 250 million current and historic images of websites. When a website has a significant change, Screenshots rushes over and takes another snapshot for its collection. These pictures can then be used for references at a later date. Most of the internet archive sites on this list only capture the web page code, Screenshots take a picture of the website exactly as it would be seen by a visitor. Start browsing the pictures on Screenshots to see how your favorite pages looked like “then” and how they’ve transformed in the “now” pics.


Official Site

CompetitorScreenshots must be found among our list of sites like Wayback Machine. This screenshot site takes daily pictures of email campaigns, social media accounts, and websites to add to their historical collection. If you’re a company who wants to look at the work your competition is doing, CompetitorScreenshots is a great place for you. You can see all their promotions and sales and how they’ve upgraded their site without logging on to their pages. To better understand your competition, check out this time machine web archive.


Official Site

If you want to know more about a certain domain name, take a look at this addition to sites like Wayback Machine. iTools works with Alexa’s database to give you all the information you might need. This website will give you domain popularity, competitors, and traffic results, all with one click. Their archive tools are accessed from the home page, here you can find screenshots and data from previous dates. With iTools you’ll have all the tools you’ve ever needed to help you find anything you need to know about all your favorite websites.

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