7 People Finder Sites Like Intelius

Searching for someone online has never been easier. With a little information, you can find someone you haven’t talked to in years or have known all your life. Intelius is a free people search engine that can do all that and more.

With Intelius you can find someone’s phone number and address. You can also run a targeted background check. This website uses a powerful algorithm to find exactly what you’re looking for, in a matter of seconds.

Intelius is great if you own a business. You can run background checks with a social insurance number on this site for added precision. Know everything you ever needed to know with Intelius. For more sites like Intelius that look up people in a few seconds, browse our list below.


Spokeo can help you reunite with anyone from your present or past. You can use this website to find people online and run extensive background searches. Spokeo goes deep. This site checks public records and criminal records to help you learn more about the person you’re searching for. Start using it today to find all the people you can think about.


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If you don’t like complications, you’ll love this addition to our list of websites like Intelius, called Pipl. Pipl only has three steps to all the information you asked for. This site gives you precise date with each search and a ton of information you didn’t even ask for, which is awesome. Pipl is one of the top people finder sites on our list.


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PeopleLookup may look plain but it’s got a lot of things hidden beneath the surface. This website asks for first and last name, and if possible, city and state. From there, PeopleLookup will give you a ton of information. Age and date of birth, prior addresses, criminal records, divorce records, and more can be discovered when you use this addition to our list of background checking sites.


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This is a great addition to our list of sites like Intelius. PeopleFinders is beautiful to look at and works like a charm. This site has a massive database, it has millions of people listed. This addition to our list, also works very fast. In an instant you’ll receive all the data you asked for. PeopleFinders is geared towards making your search experience easier and quicker, check it out.


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This website must be added to our list of sites similar to Intelius. ZabaSearch is entirely free and extremely satisfying. When you search on this site you can use the persons name, phone number, or town to find someone your’re looking for. ZabaSearch is very good at reverse searches and deep intel. Use it and see what you’ll find out about someone you know or have just met.


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Wink is another great addition to our list of Intelius alternatives. This site can help you find people quicker than a wink. Use precise information like name and phone number to find someone or use only a little like a town. The more information you put in the search, the more precise this site can be.


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Lastly, we must add WhitePages to our list. It might not be at the top but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a mention. WhitePages is one of the oldest sites on our list and for good reason. This people finder website knows how to do its job. Any name that you’ll input on this site will come up with results. Find peoples addresses, phone numbers, and records with WhitePages.

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