6 Humor Sites Like Cracked

Humor sites like Cracked are always fun because you will always find something interesting to read. Cracked articles are hilarious and entertaining. Whether you’re bored at work or just need a way to spend your free time, Cracked is the place to be.

Cracked.com has established itself as one of the best humor sites online. It brings you a little bit of everything including funny photos, fail videos, interesting articles and much more. Users can even submit their own personal experiences for others to enjoy.

While Cracked always has something interesting to read, there are a ton of other similar sites that provide you with great articles and funny videos. We compiled a list of the best sites like Cracked so you can always find humor on the internet!

Funny or Die

Official Site

Funny or Die is one of the best sites like Cracked online. They have hilarious and exclusive videos of extremely high qualities. Some of their videos are even featured on Netflix. Funny or Die is endorsed by many celebrities and their content will give you something interesting to read for hours at a time. Start browsing their website right now if you want to laugh for hours!

Holy Taco

Official Site

Holy Taco is another excellent website like Cracked, which has been around for many years. This hilarious website has exclusive articles like Cracked that are truly worth exploring. They also have tons of funny photos and funny videos available to browse. Holy Taco is updated on a daily basis, which allows you to always find interesting content to explore every time you return.

College Humor

Official Site

Just like the other websites listed here, College Humor brings you funny articles, videos, photos and more. Their selection is among the best on the internet and is very similar to Cracked. They bring you a perfect mix of funny content as well as interesting facts that you’ve never heard of before. If you’re looking for a way to spend your time on the internet, look no further and explore College Humor right now!


Official Site

2Spare is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for sites like Cracked online. This funny humor site is built with a blog-like layout, making it super easy to browse. 2Spare brings you really funny articles and hilarious images that will get you laughing out loud. Whether you’re bored at work or even if you have nothing else to do, 2Spare is worth checking out.

Something Awful

Official Site

Something Awful is really worth adding to your bookmarks if you love humor sites. Something Awful has been around for quite some time and has become one of the most popular entertainment sites online. With tons of funny articles, photos, pranks and more, you will easily get lost for hours when browsing this site. Explore all of the amazing content at Something Awful right now to get started!


Official Site

Mashable is another one of the excellent websites like Cracked worth discovering. Mashable is one of the most popular humor sites online and has a massive following. They bring you interesting news, funny articles, hilarious photos, videos and much more. Whether you’re looking for interesting facts or even if you need to laugh, Mashable is the place to be.

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