8 Women’s Magazine Sites Like Cosmopolitan

Women have busy lives, relaxing with an informative and interesting magazine made for women is a great way to step away from the bustle and relax. Cosmopolitan is one of the best magazines for women. This is a one-stop source for fashion, news, dating, relationships, advice, beauty tutorials, trends, and more.

Cosmopolitan is also a leader in the industry when it comes to sex advice. This is one of the best sex magazines too. On Cosmopolitan’s website, you can learn about positions, Kama Sutra, sex tips, and more. Take the test to see if your oral skills are up to par or if you’re compatible with your mate.

This magazine was first published in 1886 and it’s been helping women with their lives ever since. Also, known as Cosmo, Cosmopolitan is distributed in over 110 countries and is printed in over 35 languages. This magazine really sets itself apart from the others on the market but there are some that are very similar, we’ve searched the web to only find the best online magazines for women that all touch subjects like sex, love, trends, and fashion. Browse our list of sites like Cosmopolitan below and find the one that suits your personal profile the best.


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Glamour should be your number one go-to when it comes to what matters now. Find awesome outfit ideas, makeup tutorials, celebrity news, and information related to politics. Glamour is guaranteed to never be boring and to always be awesome. Glamour is also a worldwide magazine that is printed in over 12 countries. This is one of the best magazines like Cosmo for any woman who wants to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in her world.


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Nylon is an American-based magazine. This addition to our list of websites like Cosmopolitan started in 1999 and is still going strong today. Based in New York, Nylon talks about fashion, style, music, radar, guys, culture, and celebrities. Since 2003, a male counterpart has been created called Nylon Guys. A cool thing available on Nylon’s website is the ability to order the fashion you see and love through their shop. Click on the link above to discover everything about Nylon and start shopping their high-end looks.

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V puts a capital “F” in fashion. They are always ahead of the game when it comes to styles and trends. This website is one of the best magazines like Cosmopolitan. V’s opinions are highly valued, so much that their back issues are considered gems to fashionistas and enthusiasts. Read up on fashion, film, music, and art on this cool website and never miss out on the do’s and don’ts of fashion again. For these reasons and more, we must add V to our list of sites like Cosmopolitan.

Harper’s Bazaar 

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Harper’s Bazaar has been helping women with tips on fashion and life for a little longer than Cosmopolitan. This magazine started in 1867. For all the latest news on couture and fashion design check out Harper’s Bazaar. The sophisticated and upper-crust will love this addition to our list of women’s magazines. Harper’s Bazaar has a worldwide presence and covers stylish looks across the globe, from San Francisco to Tokyo.

Marie Claire 

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Another popular addition to our list of women’s fashion magazines, is Marie Claire. This online magazine is another one of the old ones. It started in 1937 in France and has been on the market ever since. Women’s fashion, lifestyle tips, beauty topics, and featured women all around the world are what to expect with this website. For a glimpse of life unlike your own, check out Marie Claire.


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There’s a lot of different types of women in the world. Essence is an online magazine dedicated to African-American women since 1968. This site concentrates on things like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Do you want to know how to manage your weave or what’s best for your chalky elbows? Essence has the best tips for you. Essence is aimed at women between the ages of 18-49 and has a girlfriend-to-girlfriend vibe. This is a great addition to our list of Magazines like Cosmo and show be considered the next time you want summer beauty tips for a darker skin tone.


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Elle is a magazine that has over 6.6 million readers a month. This site also publishes its articles and tips in over 60 countries. Elle started in the 1960’s and its motto was “si elle lit, elle lit Elle”, meaning “if she reads, she’ll be reading Elle”. This is one of the best sites like Cosmopolitan for any woman who wants to know more about fashion, beauty, life, love, and couture. Learn new ways to wear the styles you already own and all things bridal with Elle.

Vanity Fair


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Lastly, on our list of sites like Cosmopolitan we must add Vanity Fair. This is another one of the best women’s fashion magazines ever created. Vanity Fair focuses on subjects like beauty, fashion and celebrities and it also delves into other topics like entertainment, news, and politics. This site has it all, for any kind of women. For insider’s tips on DIY’ing your life, check out Vanity Fair.

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