5 Product Review Sites Like Consumer Reports

Knowing what product to buy is often a complicated task. Fortunately, the internet has numerous product review sites like Consumer Reports that allow us to get a better idea about each product. While we often have to form our own opinion, the best product review sites can certainly place us on the right track.

Consumer Reports covers all sorts of product reviews including cars, appliances, gadgets and more. As one of the top consumer review sites online, they get millions upon millions of weekly viewers. However, it’s always a good idea to compare several reviews and not just trust a single source.

That’s why we created a list of the best product review sites like Consumer Reports online. By using the sites below along with Consumer Reports, you will easily be able to decide which products are the best for your needs. So whether you need affordable laptops or high quality tents for camping, you’re going to find everything you need below.


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One of the best product review sites like Consumer Reports online is CompareSix. This website brings you comparison charts and full reviews for products of all genres. Whether you’re looking for new drones, the best tools or even if you want to find the best baby mattresses, CompareSix has it all. Their simple to view charts and their buying recommendations for each niche truly make it simple to find the best products online.

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Quite similar to Consumer Reports, Consumer Search allows you to find out information about products before actually buying them. You can check out their various reviews on products such as shampoos, label makers and much more. Using their search bar, you will easily be able to locate just about any product on their site. Check it out if you’re looking for product information.


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CNET is one of the best sites like Consumer Reports if you’re looking for reviews and comparisons of electronics. Whether you’re shopping for headphones, laptops, smartphones or even drones, you’ll find quality and in-depth reviews at CNET. Their video segments make it easy for you to quickly learn about all of the latest electronics on the market.

Test Freaks

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Test Freaks is another one of the top product review sites online that brings you information about products of all kinds. Whether you’re searching for baby products, electronics or even home accessories such as smart lightbulbs, you’ll find information at Test Freaks. They have gathered over 30 million users reviews over the years and they provide their own opinions too.


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Which is another one of the great sites like Consumer Reports, but it’s based in the UK. If you are from North America, the prices will vary and some products won’t always be identical. Nonetheless, Which provides amazing product reviews with lots of details and information for each product. Check out Which if you’re from Europe and looking for the best product review sites online!

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