5 Pay Per Task Sites Like ClickWorker

Clickworker lets thousands of freelancers help companies’ complete tasks faster than usual. If you want to make some extra cash, sign up to work on Clickworker. There’s hundreds of freelance jobs waiting for you to start working on.

The job is simple, the companies that need the work have already posted sample pages and added the necessary keywords. All you need to do once you get a job on Clickworker is to write original content while adding the specified keywords. These tasks only take a small part of your daily time and can bring you in a steady income.

If you’re ready to start working from home check out the pay per task sites listed on this post. They’re all similar to Clickworker, meaning that you can become a freelancer in your spare time to add some extra income to your budget. Start working from home today and see all the potential there is to live a happy fulfilling life from the comfort of your home.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a great addition to sites like Clickworker. This site is one of the best to make money and get results. If you’re a worker you can find tasks that suit your personal talents and abilities. If you’re a business, you can find thousands of applicants who are willing to help you out with your articles and tasks. The best thing about Mechanical Turk is that you only pay when you’re satisfied with the work, this guarantees the workers will do the best they can.


Official Site

If you need help with your business you should access this San Francisco based website. CrowdFlower is the top place to clean up data that is messy or incomplete. Most of the users on this addition to sites like Mturk are data scientists. These scientists use software to create machine learning algorithms and build training data for your website. Once you’ve added your content to CrowdFlower, the website automatically finds the best workers for your desired job. Start adding your content right away and see how much your site will progress with CrowdFlower’s help.


The time saving on MicroWorkers is one of the best things about this addition to websites like Clickworker. Their easy to use templates will save you a lot of time when adding your project requirements, this means that you’ll find someone to help with your work much faster. You can also create surveys and questionnaires for others to fill out. There’s even a nifty transcriber on MicroWorkers that lets you keep a record of all your expenses. With the easy to use templates you can customize your jobs faster and more professionally. If you’re looking for a freelance job, you’ll see just how simple it is because everything on this site is organized beautifully.


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If you sign up to work on Cloudfactory you can earn money by doing tasks. Everything on this site is based on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about adding complicated programs to manage your work. Cloudfactory is changing the digital world. The tasks on this addition to sites like Clickworker are all distributed evenly so you know you’ll get a job that fits your own personal competences. This site also likes to give credit to their best workers, if you work hard and do a good job, you can become a leader in no time. This means a lot of extra perks. Check out Cloudfactory now to start working from home with simple daily tasks.


CrowdSource is another great addition to sites like Clickworker. This multi-billion-dollar website already has a massive directory of skilled workers and clients from across the globe. People on this site are hard workers and very skilled. If you need a job done right or want to become a freelancer yourself, CrowdSource is one of the best places to get started. If you’re new to freelancing you don’t have to worry because CrowdSource takes time with each new worker to properly train and test them before giving them tasks to do. Once you’re ready, you can choose from a huge catalogue of jobs to find the one that fits your qualifications.

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