9 Online Credit Loans Like Elastic

Shopping online, late on your pay or even missed a few bills? A credit card may not be the best option and bad credit doesn’t have to be the end of your either. Getting your hands on Elastic credit may seem like a viable option, but many other payday loans like Elastic provide you with similar experience. In fact, there are many sites like Elastic that allow you to get good payday loans at very low rates. Excellent credit scoring can mean equity lines of credit with lower apr, while poor FICO scores can make loan approvals more difficult.

Elastic loans are a type of line of credit that allows you to use credit when you need it. You repay on your own terms, but if you accumulate too much, the interest can really build up. With many alternatives to Elastic credit online, there are certainly better options available. With easier eligibility requirements and a faster application process, you will quickly be able to get your hands on short term loan financing online.

We’ve compiled a list of the best online payday loans like Elastic, Rise Credit and Sunny loans so you can get your hands on quick cash when you need it the most. The good payday loans listed below make it simple for you to get instant loans online today. The personal loan companies listed below can increase your credit limit, provide unsecured loans and even help get your fixed rates for lower monthly payments.


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Loan Solo has been around for many years and they have established themselves as one of the leaders in the fast cash lending industry. You can receive funds in as little as 24 hours and most credit types are approved. Regardless of whether you need $100 or even $1,000, Loan Solo can make it happen. Explore your options at Loan Solo today and you won’t be disappointed!


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LendYou is the lender for you if you’re looking for quick cash advances online. No matter what you need the money for, LendYou has you covered with some of the easiest lending solutions online. Borrow a few hundred or even a few thousand and get approved for funding within moments. Explore LendYou’s interface now or contact their support team for more information.

Honest Loans

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Honest Loans is one of the top options when searching for installment loans or personal loans online. With loan options up to $2,500 and funding in as little as 24 hours, you will easily be able to access the capital you need within no time. Their support staff is truly impressive with answers to just about any questions you may have. If you’re looking to borrow money online quickly and easily, you’re going to love browsing Honest Loans.

Blue Trust Loans

With one of the easiest payday loan application forms online, Blue Trust Loans is a definite option worth considering when seeking alternatives to Elastic loans. Very similar to Rise Credit, OppLoans and even similar to loans like LendUp, Blue Trust Loans provides you with a quick way to get your hands on money online. Borrow up to $1,250 and receive the cash in your bank account in just 1 business day.

Better Loans Mutual

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Among the top websites like Elastic online is Better Loans Mutual. They make it simple for you to get approved for installment loans with minimal effort or time required. You can apply for as little as $100 or as much as $5,000. With fast lender approval, you could have an answer within minutes of filling out their paperless online form. Make sure to head on over the Better Loans Mutual today to get your hands on quick cash loans.


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OppLoans is another one of the excellent alternatives to Elastic credit online. They too provide you with the ability to get approved for rapid installment loans online. The fast approval process allows you to receive the funds wired directly to your bank account in under 24 hours. With a fast and simple process, OppsLoans excels as one of the best personal loans on the internet. Check them out now!

Read full OppsLoans review


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Another one of the best payday online loans is MaxLend. A simple to browse interface makes it easy for you to quickly apply for an online loan. Within minutes, you could receive approval and within less than 24 hours, the funds could be deposited directly into your bank account. MaxLend also lets you borrow up to $1,250 and they have one of the best support teams in the industry. Make sure to browse our list of lenders like MaxLend.


Probably the most similar to Elastic loans, MoneyKey also allows you to set up a line of credit online. Everything is state-licensed and fully secure, providing you with a safe environment for applying for loans online. MoneyKey loans are just like Elastic credit lines where you can use a bit or a lot of money and repay on your own terms. MoneyKey offers personal loans and lines of credit and is also one of the top sites like Rise Credit.


Check City is a direct payday lender that makes getting short term loans online simple. Their application process is incredibly easy to complete and only takes a matter of minutes. With Check City, you will be able to get quick cash advances for various purposes with flexible repayment terms and low rates. Check City is definitely one of the top rated sites like LendUp  and Elastic loans online.

What Is Elastic Loans?

Elastic Loans offers small lines of credit for individuals in the United States. Available in 39 different states, you can get your hands on their credit options in most locations. Their loans range from $500 up to $4,500, making them great for small emergencies or purchases.

As a line of credit, the funds become available again as you repay it. For instance, if you get approved for a $3,000 line of credit with Elastic, and you use all $3,000, but then repay $2,000, you now have access to that $2,000 that you repaid once more.

Elastic is owned by Republic Bank & Trust Company which is based out of Louisville.

Are Elastic Loans Legit?

Elastic Loans are legitimate and are a much safer option that short duration loans such as payday loans. With small loans, you will often pay an incredibly high APR rate, but with Elastic, you can save a lot of money by paying non-traditional fees.

They are a legitimate lender owned by a very reputable financial institution.

How Do Elastic Loans Work?

They do not have flat APR fees like most lenders. Instead, you have to pay a fee at every billing cycle when you have a balance over $10.01. The fee varies according to your balance, but ranges from $5 to $350.

You will also be charged a flat percentage on cash advances. This percentage will depend on your billing cycle and ranges from 5% to 10% of your total cash advance balance.

What Happens If I Can’t Pay My Elastic Loan?

Fortunately, Elastic does not have any late fees. While this is the current situation when getting one of their lines of credit, you should always read the fine print when completing your application, as these terms may change.

Does Elastic Report to Credit Bureaus?

They do report your payments to credit bureaus. This makes it crucial that you make all of your payments in full and on time to avoid damaging your credit score. However, with positive payments and no missed payments, you will easily be able to use your Elastic line of credit to your advantage in order to improve your credit score.

Final Thoughts

Elastic is a solid lender that is available in many states across the USA. It’s a great payday loan alternative, but be cautious about reading all of the fine print. Their lack of a standard APR rate can quickly become confusing and if you’re not careful, you may end up paying a lot back in hefty fees.

They have a great customer support helpline and approvals are very quick. All of the paperwork can be filled out online for a quick and simple approval process.

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