9 Trendy Clothing Stores Like Lulus

Overview of Lulus

Lulus is an online store that specializes in dresses. White dresses, prom dresses, club dresses and more – if there’s a specific type of dress you’re looking for, chances are Lulus has it. Their selection is averagely priced, with most dresses ranging from $50 to $100. However, what makes shops like Lulus so popular isn’t their pricing, it’s the quality of their fabrics and the designers’ styles. Lulus hits both of those requirements head-on, making them a reasonably affordable dress shop that delivers high quality and very stylish dresses for all sorts of occasions.

They’re a dress store, but also so much more.

It’s true, they specialize in dresses, but they also have a nice selection of other fashionable items as well. Shoes, tops, bottoms, swimwear and all sorts of accessories. You’ll find everything you need to complete your look all in one spot.

Why even bother look for other stores like Lulus?

They offer worldwide shipping, trendy styles, affordable pricing and a huge selection of dresses – so why bother search for other shops like Lulus in the first place?

While they do excel as a dress shop, you may not always find the right size, the perfect color or the ideal design for your exact outing. We browsed most of their listings and most items were available in all sizes, but every now and again, we noticed items with just one available size or color. It’s the most horrible feeling in the world to finally land on the dress of your dreams, only to find out that it’s only available in one size (and that size just happens to not be yours).

With more sites like Lulus, you will be able to compare more dresses, find similar dresses in more sizes and really make the most out of your online shopping experience. Don’t get us wrong, we love Lulus and highly recommend them, but we also vouch for every one of the stores like Lulus listed below.

Take a look at our recommendations and let us know of any stores you enjoy that’s similar to Lulus by using the comment section at the end of this article.

Dress Lily


One of the up and coming stores on the internet is Dress Lily. This clothing shop online brings you a huge amount of unique styles to choose from, all with their unique discounts so you can save big. While the name Dress Lily suggests that they specialize in dresses, you will also find all sorts of outfits ranging from a variety of styles. Explore their online marketplace today to see why Dress Lily is quickly becoming the go-to clothing store for women around the world.


stores like modcloth

Official Site

Modcloth is one of the top sites like Lulu’s online because of their huge variety of fashionable clothing and accessories. You will find a ton of trendy tops, bottoms, outerwear, swimsuits and accessories. They even have a category dedicated to weddings. Whether you want to buy affordable clutches or even if you want to shop for shoes online, Modcloth is one of the best places to visit.



Official Site

Another one of the top stores like Lulu’s online is Modlily. They have a great selection of sexy swimwear, tops, dresses and so much more. They offer international shipping with excellent rates and highly affordable clothing. One of the best things about Modlily is the quality of their clothing. You’ll feel like you paid a fortune due to the high quality, but it’s actually very affordable. Navigating their website is a breeze as it was built with pure simplicity in mind. Within moments, you will be browsing through some of the hottest fashion collections of the moment and all at truly affordable price points. Explore their boutique now – whether you need a bikini, sexy club dresses or even if you want to buy jewelry online, Modlily has it all.



Official Site

Tobi is among the best websites like Lulu’s online because of their outstanding discounts. If you’re looking for sales on high-end brand clothing, you won’t want to shop anywhere else. Along with a great collection of varied styles, Tobi has shoes and accessories as well. Visit the Tobi clothing store right now to start shopping for amazing quality clothing at huge discount rates.



Official Site

Aeropostale is among the best clothing stores online. While they are primarily based out the United States, they also offer international shipping so you can shop from almost anywhere in the world. Their collection is impressive for women with dresses, tops, swimsuits and even fashion accessories. However, they also have clothing for the entire family with men’s clothing and clothing for teens too. One of the best things about Aeropostale is their comfortable fashion, which provides you activewear, sleepwear and “household clothing” that looks sexy and is more affordable than most other online retailers.

Nasty Gal

nasty gal

Official Site

Nasty Gal is another one of the best stores like Lulu’s on the internet. If you’re looking for great styles and a ton of choice, this is the place to be. Along with having a massive selection of fashionable clothing to choose from, Nasty Gal also provides you with major discounts. Sales are available on a weekly basis, so every time you shop, you can save money.

Dress Barn

dress barn

Official Site

If you’re looking for websites like Lulu’s that specialize in dresses, Dress Barn is where you’ll want to shop from. Their huge selection of dresses online makes it incredibly simple for you to find what you’re looking for. Dress Barn has dresses of all genres and they make it simple for you to find the perfect dress for any occasion. Along with tons of choice, they provide you with some of the lowest priced dresses online.

Forever 21

forever 21

Official Site

Very similar to Lulu’s, Forever 21 is super popular due to their huge selection of quality clothing. Their trendy styles are exclusive to their platform, meaning you won’t be able to find most of their clothing anywhere else. Forever 21 has excellent prices and a large variety of sizes so you can always find clothes that you love that fit. Browse the Forever 21 store right now to get started!


new chic

Official Site

NewChic has one of the most varied collections of clothing and fashion accessories among all of these stores like Lulu’s. Whether you’re looking for tops, bottoms, dresses or even kids clothing, you will find it all right here. They have fashionable items that are absolutely amazing and are made of high quality fabrics. Browse NewChic now if you’re looking for affordable fashion items online.

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