10 Online Jewelry Stores Like Tiffany & Co

Explore our list of the best stores like Tiffany & Co below. To find the best stores similar to Tiffany, we purchased jewelry from some of the top brands and companies available online. We then compared the best prices, shipping speeds, quality of the jewelry and more. Whether you’re searching for personalized wedding bands, stud diamond earrings or even luxury watches online, you’ll find everything you need and more below.

Tiffany and Co is one of the leaders when it comes to high end jewelry online. They provide you with amazingly high quality jewelry and extraordinary service. However, their stock is low at times and prices can often get steep rather quickly. For that reason, we’ve decided to find other stores like Tiffany and Co that can provide you with quality jewelry at lower prices.

After spending weeks of hard work researching the industry, we feel confident with the list below. Make sure to leave a comment with any other stores similar to Tiffany and Co that you may know of and that hasn’t been added to this list.


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Among the best jewelry sites online is Allurez. This platform is incredibly enjoyable to browse due to their impressive selection of high quality jewelry at affordable price ranges. Whether you seek a gorgeous diamond engagement ring or even if you want to get your wife a pair of diamond stud earrings, Allurez is the place to be. Along with a massive collection of beautiful jewelry, they also have regular sales that allow you to save even more. Design your own or choose from their best sellers. Along with extraordinary jewelry, Allurez also provides you with stunning jewelry boxes, watch boxes, pen boxes, safes and much more. Explore the entire Allurez jewelry collection now.


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Jewelry.com is easily one of the best jewelry stores on the internet and one of the top jewelry brands like Tiffany. With a huge selection of items to discover, you will easily be able to find what you came for. Whether you want to purchase high end diamond stud earrings or even if you’re looking for colorful gemstones, they have it all. Along with having a massive selection of quality jewelry for you to discover, Jewelry.com also has some of the most affordable prices online.

Kay Jewelers

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Kay Jewelers is one of the most amazing jewelry stores online. They ship internationally and they also provide free 2nd day shipping with no minimum purchase. One of the best things about Kay is that you can find extremely affordable pieces of luxury jewelry, but you can also find exclusive pieces worth thousands of dollars as well. Kay is one of the best jewelry sites like Tiffany and Co due to their low prices, high quality and 100+ years of experience.

QP Jewellers

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When it comes to gemstones, there’s really no better place to go than QP Jewellers. Whether you’re looking for a ruby, emerald, amethyst or even a sapphire, you will find it all. With numerous color options and combinations to choose from and with so many different designers to browse, QP Jewellers is one of the best stores like Tiffany and Co on the internet. Start browsing their collections now and make sure to check out their sales for deep discounts.


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One of the most-loved jewelry stores in North America has got to be Jared The Galleria of Jewelry. Delivering you a huge variety of products ranging from a hundreds to ten’s of thousands of dollars, Jared truly has something for everyone. Whether you want to get the engagement ring of your dreams or even if you want to spoil your man with a luxury watch online, Jared is the place to be. Also, make sure to check out their gift box sets and holiday gift giving guides.

Samuels Jewelers

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Samuels Jewelers is another one of the best sites like Tiffany & Co if you’re looking for quality jewelry at affordable rates. They often have clearance sales and discounts allowing you to save big on quality earrings, necklaces, watches and more. Whether you’re preparing for a huge bridal party or even if you to treat your wife for a special occasion, Samuels Jewelers is a great place to visit. Fast shipping speeds, international delivery and the ability to pay via PayPal are all excellent perks making them one of the best.


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With a curated selection of diamonds and high end jewelry, Zales is renown as being one of the go-to places for jewelry online. As one of the most popular jewelry boutiques in the USA, they have affordable products along with some of the most exclusive pieces in the world. With amazing discounts and the ability to finance your purchases over a span of numerous months, finding the dream item is simple and so is paying for it. Explore the Zales collection now and you’ll be sure to find something you love.

Fine Jewelers

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Fine Jewelers is the place to go if you’re looking for stores similar to Tiffany and Co that can provide you with highly affordable products. While they do carry high ticket items, they also have jewelry starting at just a couple of dollars. You will be able to find luxury pendants, earrings and more for well under $100 and most of those pieces are worth much more. Fine Jewelers provides you  with a gift box along with a full appraisal of each item, so you can know exactly what it’s worth.

Peoples Jewellers

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While only available in Canada (everywhere except Quebec), Peoples Jewellers is a massive online store and provides Canadians with a similar shopping experience to Zales, Jared and Kay. With some of the best diamonds in all of Canada, Peoples Jewellers is capable of bringing you classy and high end products at very low prices. While some of their items can reach thousands and thousands of dollars, you will also be able to easily find tons of jewelry gifts at less than $100.

Littman Jewelers

Official Site

Last but not least is Littman Jewelers, one of the best places to find jewelry discounts online and promo codes allowing you to save big. If you’re looking for stores like Tiffany and Co that delivery high end products at low prices, Littman Jewelers is certainly worth visiting. Free 2-day shipping is provided at no extra cost when ordering for over $139, meaning that almost every single order placed on their website will be quickly delivered at no charge. Browse their platform now to get started with the shopping spree!

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