7 Social Media Sites Like Instagram

Instagram lets you easily connect with people all over the world. This is one of the best social media sites to use for personal or business use. With Instagram you can share and tag pictures, and post cute gifs of cats playing the piano with chopsticks. The choice is up to you.

This site lets others “like” your publications and comment on the things that caught their attention. Since Instagram is so huge, sometimes your post gets lost among thousands of posts so don’t worry if no one has commented or liked your picture, it’ll show up on someone’s feed eventually.

If you love the social media aspects of Instagram, that let you share your funny pictures, thoughts and ideas with people from around the world, be sure to take a look at these other big social media sites on this list of Instagram alternatives.

Vine (Not Available anymore)

Since its been around for a while, new social networking sites can’t include Vine, but it must be mentioned on this list. This website allows you to share crazy videos with your friends and millions of other viewers. What’s fun about Vine is that the videos play one after the other and only last a few seconds, if you want to watch one over again just click on it and press play. These videos are great to watch during a short time span like a bus ride or coffee break.


Official Site

One of the best sites like Instagram is Pinterest. This site is a major playing in social media. With Pinterest you can get millions of ideas on DIY, home decoration, fashion, travel, and more. Every member has their own “corkboard” on which they post their hobbies and ideas. These pictures and quotes are then shared to the general public. People can add these ideas to their own collections and share them for others to see. Pinterest is a major influence of online trends and now even lets you buy certain items you’ve seen.


Official Site

Tumblr is one of the greatest social media sharing sites available. This website lets you share just about anything imaginable. This blogging platform found among websites like Instagram is rising to the top each day. Another great thing about Tumblr’s versatility is that it’s great for people of all ages and no matter what kind of computer skills you may have, you’ll be able to use Tumblr in all its glory. Don’t forget to follow the people who have the same interests as you and reblog the posts that catch your interest. The more an item gets reblogged, the more people get to see it.


Official Site

Reddit might not be the fanciest addition to this list of social sites but its certainly one of the most popular. There are millions of users each day who post pictures, share links, and view videos on this happy site. You can ask questions and write your own responses to other people’s threads. There’s always something new to discover on Reddit. If you want to have an intelligent conversation this is a good place to start. If you like an answer you’ve found on Reddit, “upvote” it so it will rise to the top for others to see. Click on the link above to join this huge community of conversationalists.


Official Site

Flickr is a place to get inspired. The members on this site are all creative and motivated to express themselves. The Flickr community is massive. There are over 13 billion pictures currently uploaded on this fantastic site for all to see. With over 2 million different groups, you’re sure to find something that interests you and maybe even something new to enjoy. If you love sharing pictures online you can add up to 1,000 GB worth of photos to your own personal profile, that’s a lot of pics. Join Flickr and start sharing your own right away.


Official Site

If you’re a writer or a blogger this addition to social networking sites is the choice for you. Medium is sort of like the other sites like Instagram on this list but it keeps everything simple and clean. There won’t be flashing gifs or loud videos on Medium. Think of it as a serene place to share your work and comment on other stories and posts. There is the possibility to add Gifs, videos and pictures but everything blends together and stays neutral. If someone loves your story it will get “recommended” if that’s the case, there’s a good chance your story or article could appear on the front page of Medium for all to enjoy. Get writing and see if you can make it to the front page too.


Official Site

Some people love music a lot more than writing or pictures of silly animals wearing wigs and chasing their own tails. If you’re a music lover you’ll adore this addition to sites like Instagram. SoundCloud is a social media site for music lovers. On this site you can share all your favorite music, meet new people, comment on others preferences and creations and discover new music. There’s nothing better than SoundCloud for someone who lives each day with a song in their head. Check out SoundCloud to connect with other music lovers around the world.

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