8 Background Check Sites Like Been Verified

We don’t always know people like we think we do. Websites like Been Verified have been created to help us with that problem. Been Verified is one of the best online criminal background check sites on our list. With this site, you can quickly verify information about someone. You might need to search someone you’re about to hire, a new babysitter, or even a new lover. It never hurts to be safe.

Been Verified is very easy to use and the best background check service available. All you have to do is enter the first and last name of the requested person, and add the state you want to search in. There are even more precise searches based on phone numbers and addresses. Try searching yourself to see what comes up, since this site is free, you can search people all day just for fun.

Once your search has come up with something, you’ll receive a single report with all the data you need to know exactly who you’re dealing with. After that you’ll be better informed on your decision to hire or not. If you’ve enjoyed using one of the top safe background check websites, browse our list of Been Verified alternatives for more record checking options.



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Another one of the best background check sites on our list is Radaris. This search site goes deep and finds everything about the person you’re searching about. You can search people, buisnesses, and propertions on Radaris. You can even reverse search by email or phone number. In a few simple clicks, you’ll get all the information you need. Radaris must be included on our list of sites like Been Verified, it’s simple to use and very comprehensive. Best of all, its free.

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US Search lets you run criminal record checks and backgrouind checks. This is also one of the top sites like Been Verified. You can use a phone number, email, or name to search for someone’s personal information. If you don’t have all the information, that’s ok. You can use a first or last name and a state and hope for the best, just be warned that you’re results will be a long list. Try to narrow down things as much as possible for the best results. Use US Search for all your information needs about anyone living in the United States.

Reverse Phone Check 

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Reverse Phone Check is a very cool site found among sites like Been Verified. This background check website uses a simple phone number to give you a ton of information about the registered user. Once you enter the number you’ll receive information about things like, owners name, address, email, assets, arrest, warrants, court records, social accounts, and criminal records. You’ll never be left out in the dark if you search on Reverse Phone Check when you meet someone new.

Canada 411 

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Canada 411 is the site similar to Been Verified for a Canadian search. If you want to know more about your favorite Canadian, use Canada 411. This website can use the basic name and place to search or reverse phone number lookups. You can also learn more about a particular business by simply entering the company’s name in Canada 411’s search bar. Businesses can also be reversed searched with a phone number. Canada 411 is the best background check service for any information you need about someone living in Canada.


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Look no further than this background check recommendation, site for all the information you need about someone in your life. Whitepages help you identify more about people worldwide. With over 55 million visitors a month, you know that it’s a great website to use to know more about people. Whitepages can provide you with important information about companys and individuals. This is one of the best global identity verification solutions on our list of sites like Been Verified.


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Another great and free phone checker online is AnyWho. This site is very similar to Been Verified and the others on our list. Use landline or cell phone numbers to get a very detail account of the person in question. If you’ve ever received a phone call with a mysterious caller, use AnyWho to discover who it was, for free. You will get a ton of information with just a few clicks like name, location, and service provider. This online tool works with sites like Yellow Pages to be as detailed as possible.


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Currently, there have been over 3 billion people searched on Pipl. This is website must be added to our list of websites like Been Verified. It has a massive database of information to tell you all you need to know about someone you’re searching about. Have you ever received a strange email or message on your social account and wanted to know more? Pipl can help you out with this problem. Simply enter the name, phone number or email address to get to the bottom of your mystery. Pipl is free and easy to use and is one of the best suggestions for background checks that anyone can use.

True Caller 

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There are billions of phone numbers in True Caller’s database. Yours included. Start by choosing the country for the right area code then add the last digits of the number to know all you need to know about who’s calling you. You can even search the spam numbers that call you during bothersome hours so you’ll know which ones you need to answer and which ones you can ignore. True Caller even mentions the most reported spam number in your local area to make things a lot easier for you. Add the app to your phone so you can always verify a weird number wherever you are.


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Information.com is another top background check site like Been Verified. All you need to look someone up is their first and last name, or their phone number, and you’ll gain access to everything you could need to know about them. Information.com’s reports include aliases, current and previous addresses, criminal records, sex offender status, alternative phone numbers, email addresses, and even their social media and dating profiles. This makes it easy to get a full idea of who someone is, block them everywhere if necessary, or easily reach out if you’re hoping to reconnect with someone.

What is Been Verified?

Been Verified is a public record information platform that allows you to find out important information about people. This is useful for running background checks and finding out more information about people before committing to things like employment or before getting a tenant in your apartment building.

Whether you’re looking for a long lost brother or even if you’re a consumer reporting agency that needs to make sure you don’t hire criminals, this service is a must.

Is Been Verified Legit?

If you’re wondering if Been Verified is safe or if it’s a scam, you’ve come to the right place. We tested it for weeks and tried out all of their available features. We had to pay to use this platform, so we made sure to test out everything it has to offer.

In most cases we were able to get valuable information about the people we were researching. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have information about people located outside the United States. We contacted their customer service to find out if this works in Canada and they confirmed that it’s only for use in the USA.

No need to worry though – our list of alternatives above should provide you with tons of options that also work in regions located outside of the United States.

Is Been Verified Free to Use?

Unfortunately, this service is not free to use. In order to benefit from the features available on this website, you will either need to pay a monthly fee or a 3-month fee (which provides you with full access for a three month duration).

If you opt for the monthly fee, you will end up paying $22.86 per month.

On the other hand, if you go with their 3-month plan, you end up only paying $14.86 per month.

If you plan on using Been Verified on a regular basis, such as if you’re a landlord or an employer, the 3-month plan is more affordable and makes more sense. However, if you need their services for a one-time check, you should opt for the month-by-month payment option.

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