6 Website Testing Sites Like UserTesting

When trying to build a website or business, you’ll want to use sites like UserTesting in order to get information from tested users. Product testing is a huge part of any business and doing proper research can provide you with huge growth potential. However, getting usability testing users isn’t as easy as it seems.

UserTesting is one of the few sites where users can get paid to test websites. This allows you to easily find test users who will provide you with honest and unbiased information. You can often pick between design users, test the users usability and much more. This allows you to get information about all sections of your website.

While UserTesting is usable for most website owners, you may want to look into other alternatives. We’ve narrowed down a selection of the top website testing sites like UserTesting so you can get all of the research you need in one place. Best of all, these sites are mostly free to use. So whether you want to get paid to test apps, explore various user testing jobs or even if you want to have your own site tested, browse our list below right now!


Official Site

Whether you want to get paid to test websites or even if you need to research information about the usability of your website, Userfeel is the place to be. As the top alternative to UserTesting online, UserFeel is simple to use and provides you with quality features. As a website tester, you will quickly be able to register and make money online. Likewise, you can rapidly create a usability test to gather information about your own website.


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Userlytics is a great way to get insights and increase the user friendliness of your website by gathering quality reviews. With honest website reviews and feedback, you will quickly be able to optimize your website so it appeals to the masses or a targeted audience. Userlytics is extremely simple to use and is one of the best UX designer tests you can perform for increasing the usability of your site.

Try My UI

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Try My UI is another one of the great sites like UserTesting that allows you to get all of the details and information you need about your website. However, Try My UI specializes in app testing. If you want to get paid to test apps or even if you created an app and want to get feedback, this is the best UserTesting alternative for your needs. Check out their awesome platform right now for free!


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Validately allows you to quickly gather user research so you can find out everything there is to know about the user experience on your site. You can create a free test to begin gathering information right away without having to spend any money upfront. This is a great way to benefit from free user testing and to really explore everything Validately has to offer.


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Another one of the excellent sites like UserTesting is Enroll. This user testing site allows you to get all of the info you need in order to maximum the profits and traffic on your website. Enroll is simple to use and appeals to website testers and webmasters alike. Browse their online platform now to get started and you won’t believe how useful it will become.


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TestingTime is another excellent place to get tests performed when you need to gather insights about your website or business. As one of the top sites like UserTesting, it has all of the ingredients to provide you with amazing feedback. Whether you want to know how to improve your design, your user experience in general or even specific components of your site, TestingTime makes it happen.

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