6 Rent To Buy Sites like Leaseville

If you’re searching for rent to buy stores it’s probably because you’re tight on cash or don’t have very good credit. That’s not a problem if you know where to shop. There are a lot of good rent to own sites and a lot of bad ones. We read reviews and searched through a ton of sites to find the best ones for you. Leaseville came up high in the reviews we found. This company, founded in 2009, and headquartered in Los Angeles is one of the best rent to own companies you can find online.

Leaseville has a ton of items available for rent. On this rent to own website, you can find engagement rings, landscaping tools, furniture, appliances, electronics, fitness equipment, and more. Leaseville doesn’t require a credit check to become a buyer on their site. This company only requires that you make at least $1,000 a month, have had the same job for over 6 months, and own a checking account. If you meet those requirements you can order on this site. This company requires a setup fee of $40 before shipping your items and you have multiple ways to agree on your payment.

Choosing to rent to own can be a very smart choice if you want to try out an item without having to pay full price. This is also a great option if you want to try something out for a short time, like a 70 inch tv during hockey season. If you think this kind of buying is a great option for you, you’ll love these other sites like Leaseville listed below. Take the time to compare interest rates and payment options to find the best rent to own online store for you before you buy. Have fun shopping.


One of the best additions to our list of lease to own sites like Leaseville is MDG. Located in Ontario and founded in 1991, MDG is the only Canadian company found on this list. HSN, also known as the Home Shopping Network, has a huge collection of items for you to browse. On this site, you can find kitchen items, food, craft supplies, toys, games, clothing, electronics, and more. MDG does require a credit check but there are no specific minimums to qualify. This Canadian company can set up a monthly payment on your credit or debit card and there are no penalties or late fees. MDG doesn’t charge any interest either. This company accepts PayPal for payments too.


Gettington is based in Eden Prairie Minnesota and this company has been in operations since the 1940s. Gettington has one of the top catalogues with instant credit. This company has a lot of stock. On this website, similar to Leaseville you can find shoes, tools, kids furniture, home improvement items, outdoor furniture, and more. Gettington requires a credit check but no specific number is needed for approval and almost everyone is accepted. This company has expensive late fees, so don’t miss a payment. If you pay off your account quickly, you will get extra savings. The minimum you have to pay each month, or week, with Gettington is 5.5% of your balance or $20, whichever is greater. Credit is available for every single item found on this site.


FlexShopper must be added to our list of sites like Leaseville. This company started in 2003 and it’s located in Baton Rouge, Florida. FlexShopper has rent to own electronics, mattresses, tires, baby products, and more. In fact, FlexShopper has more than 80,000 items for you to discover. This company requires a credit check but it isn’t worried about people with bad credit. FlexShopper has a few requirements. You must be over 18, earn more than $1,000 per month, have had a bank account for more than 90 days, and live in the United States, except for Minnesota, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Leases with this lease to own store have a maximum time of 52 weeks and there is no money down required to shop on this site.


Since 1948, this Minnetonka, Minnesota headquartered company has been helping people own new things, one payment at a time. Fingerhut has an enormous warehouse filled with tools, toys, electronics, crafts, holiday supplies, shoes, jewelry, furniture, and more. This company won’t ask for a credit check but it will need to know if you make at least $25,000 annually and have a valid bank account, payroll, or prepaid debit card. Watch out for late fees with Fingerhut because they can cost you up to $38 per missed payment. Fingerhut has many perks which include great name brands, early payoff bonuses, and automatic credit line reviews.

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This addition to our list of sites like Leaseville has one of the best buy now pay later catalogs. YuKeep has sports equipment, appliances big and small, electronics, sunglasses, and a ton of other things. This San Diego company will run a credit check but that’s not their main way to decide if you’re accepted or not. YuKeep only requires you to be over 18, have a source of income and a bank account. This buy now pay later company offers you a lot of different payment options and no long term commitment. Most of the leases with this company are under 5 months. YuKeep is flexible and gives you a great deal if you pay off your order early.

Rent Delite

Rent Delite is a headquartered in Miami Beach Florida. This company is the last addition to our list of rent to own websites like Leaseville but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Leaseville has electronics, appliances, furniture, clothing, and smaller items like phones. This company rents to people with bad credit as long as you’re 18 years and older, have a job or other source of income, a valid email address, and a credit or debit card. Rent Delite doesn’t penalize you for late payments but they will contact you to figure out why. The Rent Delite contracts are no longer than a year and early payoff is very advantageous to you. Approvals are done instantly with this company.

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