7 Progressive News Sites Like Huffington Post

There’s a lot of progressive news sites on the internet. Huffington Post is probably one of the most well-known ones. This website shares political liberal news and opinions through editorials, satires, blogs, and original content. Huffington Post covers stories on topics that range from politics to women’s interests.

Huffington Post is an opinions website that talks about things that are happening all over the world. There are about 40 columnists who add interesting content to this website each day. Some people have mixed feelings when it comes to the Huffington Post but if you’re someone who likes to read about the truth and real opinions you’ll love this progressive website.

When it comes to learning about world-wide news, there’s a ton of sites you can go to to get that information. We’ve searched the web and found all the top liberal news sites for you to enjoy and to cut down on your search time. Take a look at all the sites listed below and find the one that fits your style. There’s bound to be a perfect one for you to add to your bookmarks and visit each morning with your cup of coffee.


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One of the best additions to our list of sites like Huffington Post is called Politico. This website is an American political-journalism company that covers stories on politics and policies within the United States and around the world. Politico also distributes its findings through tv, radio, podcasts, and various websites. The opinions on Political are neutral and don’t learn towards a certain political party.


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If you’re searching for a progressive website like Huffington Post, look no further than CommonDreams. This website shares breaking news and views to a progressive community. There’s a massive directory of content on this site which includes, rights, climate, economy, solutions, war & peace, and the world. Read what’s going on today or browse the archives for past articles and debates on everything going on in the United States and Canada.


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ThinkProgress is very similar to Huffington Post. This website wants to move news forward. Their rigorous reporters and progressive perspective gives you a lot of interesting content to enjoy. ThinkProgress looks toward the future and how our actions today can change what will happen next. Search topics like justice, LGBT, culture, sports, and the health care system. If you’re someone who understands how important the future is, you’ll love this addition to our list of Huffington Post alternatives.


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Sometimes you just want to hear about the hardcore facts and forget about the fluff that comes with some journalism articles that are created to appease the people who feel offended with certain posts. RawStory lives up to its name, this site covers the unreported news and rejects traditional media. This addition to our list of sites like Huffington Post is a big believer in transparency and the fact that information can be powerful and life changing.

The Daily Beast 

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This addition to sites like Huffington Post is called The Daily Beast. This online newspaper is an award-winning site that gives you sharp opinions and original content. The Daily Beast has some big personalities write about things like politics, pop-culture, world news and more. There’s a ton of information for you to discover on this site and with their 1 million views a day, you can be assured that The Daily Beast knows how to capture a reader’s attention.


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This progressive website is called TruthOut. TruthOut reveals systematic injustice and provides a platform for compelling content. This website wants to attract your attention and does it very well. TruthOut must be included among Huffington Post alternatives because it has a powerful and independent voice that will spark a revolution in your consciousness. Their main goal is to direct attention towards humanity and saving the planet. If you want a site that speaks the truth, choose TruthOut for all your daily information needs.

Daily Kos 

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Daily Kos is another popular website found among sites like Huffington Post. This is a huge political community of 2.5 million viewers a month who share their opinions on all things governmental and political. Daily Kos posts diaries and stories about well-known politicians, senators, congressmen, and the President himself. This site works hard to shape the political world. Check out Daily Kos if you want to stay up to date with all this government and politics, you won’t be disappointed.

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