6 Book Recommendation Sites Like GoodReads

Do you ever ask yourself, what should I read next? If you do, you’ll this site that recommends books, called Goodreads. This database of this site is enormous. Goodreads is part of the Amazon family and is an excellent platform that gives you information about authors and the amazing books they write.

You can use Goodreads to read reviews and comments from an immense community of writers and readers. Join in on a conversation about a book you’ve just read or start your own. This is also a social media for readers. If your friends are connected too you can check out books they’ve read in the past and are currently on. You can also keep a personal dossier to keep track of all the books you’ve read to easily search for recommendations or information.

Like we mentioned above, Goodreads has a massive database, so big in fact, that it has over 20 billion suggestions. You’ve got a long way to go before you reach the end of the list. Keep an eye out for the giveaways and new releases. If you love to read and are always searching for your next book, take a look at our list of sites like Goodreads. Have fun reading.


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LibraryThing is one of the best websites to find books. This site lets you enter your entire book collection in a virtual library. You can continue adding each book you read. Take a few minutes to fill out a few details to explain the book and share your library with a community of over 2 million book lovers. LibraryThing will also automatically organize your collection. Maybe you missed a book in a collection, maybe there’s a special edition passed you by. No matter the reason, it’s always fun to see all our books lined up, organized, and shared with others so they can enjoy our favorites too.


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A fun addition to our list of book recommendation sites like Goodreads, is Wattpad. Wattpad is specialized in sharing stories and reading with others. Wattpad lets you read fanfiction, twisted reactions to famous movies or books, and other unpublished work, wherever you go. Start by finding a few stories that pique your interest and add them to your list. These stories can then be viewed from anywhere, on any device, online or offline. Read something a little different with Wattpad and enter someone’s vivid imagination.


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This free addition to our list of Goodreads alternatives is very cool. ReadUps is a cloud-based, virtual, book club. You start by chosing a book to read. It can be anything, old, new, sci-fi, romance, your choice. You post a timeframe to read it and on when the countdown ends you can join a community of book lovers to discuss the book you just read. If you don’t know what to read, join in on a current read and finish it in time to be part of the discussion. All these reasons easily explain why ReadUps must belong on our list of websites like Goodreads.


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This platform was created for people who love books. You can become a free member and start your own blog on BookLikes. What makes BookLikes a great addition to our list of book recommendation sites is that not only can you find something new to read, you can also discover, collect, share, connect, and sell, on BookLikes. This is one of the busiest sites like Goodreads on our list.


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This site is a place that reviews and recommends all the best books in the world, making it one of the top book recommendation sites on our list. On BookBrowse, you can find the newest and most popular books, write your own reviews and reading lists, read excerpts, and find more book tools. BookBrowse is a virtual book club for collectors, fans, and casual readers. Find your next book recommendation here.


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ThirdScribe is a lot more than a book recommendation site. This website is a conversation engine. On ThirdScribe you can follow many paths. This site works like a lot of the sites you use each day. The more a book is browsed, the higher it gets pushed in the list. This way you know exactly what’s “hot”, the moment of your search. This addition to our list of sites like Goodreads is also awesome because it doesn’t promote advertising, it only promotes books.

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