8 Language Learning Sites Like Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best free language learning sites online. Sites like Duolingo make it incredibly simple for you to learn the basics of a new language. While learning a language requires you to have actual conversations with others, Duolingo makes it simple for you to learn terminology, pronunciation and much more.

With websites like Duolingo, you will be able to travel anywhere in the world and get by with speaking the local languages. Duolingo uses fun and interactive ways for you to enjoy learning new languages online. With hundreds of languages available, it’s easier than ever before to learn to speak new languages.

We made it our mission to find other sites like Duolingo online. This will allow you to pick the best Duolingo alternatives to really make your language learning experience the best it can possibly be. Explore our list of free language learning websites below to get started!


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Linguotica is one of the top language learning sites on the internet. All you have to do is pick a language you want to learn and get started. Learning a new language at Linguotica is super easy because they incorporate imagery and audio, making it easier than ever for you to remember new words. Learn a new language online using Linguotica right now and start speaking it within days!


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Babbel is one of the best Duolingo alternatives that lets you learn dozens of different languages. This learning website is easy to use and is one of the most popular language learning platforms available online. They have a Babbel app, allowing you to bring your courses on the go. With Babbel, you will be able to learn how to write with proper grammer, speak with proper pronunciations and much more.

Rocket Languages

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Rocket Languages is one of the best places to learn a new language online. As one of the leading apps like Duolingo, Rocket Languages has hundreds of different languages available to learn. The courses are excellent for all levels, regardless of whether you’re an expert or even if you’re just starting out. Visit Rocket Languages today and begin learning languages within minutes!


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If you’re someone who learns better by listening, you’ll love Busuu. As one of the best sites like Duolingo online, Busuu lets you learn tons of different languages. They have a primary focus on audio courses so you will be able to listen to numerous audio recordings. Busuu makes it easy for you to learn the proper accents and pronunciation. Take a look at Busuu right now for a great alternative to Duolingo.


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Memrise is one of the excellent sites like Duolingo with numerous languages available to learn. Memrise makes it extremely easy for visual learners because they have memory tools that allow you to remember words and phrases. Memrise has over 300,000 language courses available online, making it one of the biggest language learning tools available. Learn a new language today with Memrise!


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Mondly is another excellent site similar to Duolingo that allows you to learn up to 33 different languages. They make learning fun with cool games that you can play online, through your mobile phone or with a tablet. Mondly lets you track your progress, compare your results with other users and much more. If you want to learn a language with friends and family, you’ll love using Mondly.


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FluentU is a little different than the other sites like Duolingo listed here. Rather than providing you with a unique language learning platform, they bring you all of the best language learning videos from YouTube. All of the videos are part of a curated selection and they also add text translations below so you can follow along. If you want to learn a new language with videos, you’ll enjoy using FluentU.


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Readlang is a web application or extension for Google Chrome that lets you translate any text in a web page. You can also upload your own content to have it translated. This allows you to learn new languages by reading any text of your choice. One of the downsides though is that you don’t get to hear the words, which makes it difficult to learn the proper pronunciation. Install Readlang right now for free!

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