7 Search Engine Sites Like Google

Update - 2018.01.03

Sites like Google are incredibly useful for finding information, doing research online and even building websites. Whether you want to build a website and make it visible to the world or even if you want to research ways to get business loans online, search engines are going to make your life a lot easier.

There’s no doubt that Google is number one and the most popular search engine online, but there are many sites like Google that do just as well, sometimes even better. We made it our mission to find the top search engines online so we could share them with you.

Scroll down to instantly browse our list of sites like Google. Whether you need the best search engines for homework, for work or even if you want to get your website listed in many different private search engines, these sites are exactly what you’re looking for!


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Bing is easily one of the biggest Google alternatives online. If you’re looking for a massive search engine that has similar results to Google, Bing should become your number one choice. They allow you to purchase ad spots and they also have their very own webmaster tools, allowing you to submit your links so they can easily get indexed. Take a look at Bing right now as one of the best search engines online!


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Yahoo is another one of the top sites search engines like Google online. Yahoo has been around for a very long time and has a huge database. They cover almost just as many websites as Google and provide outstanding results. Yahoo also has a question and answer platform, that lets you get answers from people from all over the world about almost any topic. Check out Yahoo now!


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Ask, formerly known as AskJeeves, is one of the best sites like Google that is another old timer. This worldwide search engine provides you with a simple layout, so you can focus on the results rather than having a bunch of “fluff” cluttering the entire screen space. Take a look at Ask if you’re looking for one of the top Google alternatives online and you certainly won’t be disappointed.


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Dogpile is similar to Google, yet remains very different. Dogpile will not appeal to everyone, but those who enjoy it, really love making it their best search engine. You can quickly search through the white pages, browse online images, find the latest news and search for videos online. Dogpile is extremely simple to use, making it one of the top search engines currently available on the internet.


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DuckDuckGo is another one of the best private search engines online. This site focuses primarily on keeping you anonymous the entire time. If you wish to surf the web in complete privacy, you’re going to love DuckDuckGo. This private search engine also comes with a beautiful design layout, a simple to use interface and a massive database of websites. Discover DuckDuckGo right now!


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Yandex is the premier search engine in Russia. This search engine has a huge database and has a really beautiful search layout, which makes finding the site that you’re looking for a breeze. All of the websites are displayed with their favicon image, making it simple to quickly locate sites that you know you want to search for. Take a look at Yandex whether you’re from Russia or not!


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Boardreader is a unique search engine that only provides you with results from forums and community chat sites. If you’re looking for results from message boards or online forums, you’re going to love using Boardreader. In fact, if you only want those types of results, Boardreader is way better than Google, since you won’t have to scroll through a bunch of unrelated websites. Check it out now!

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