9 Payday Loans Like Speedy Cash

With our list of payday loan places like Speedy Cash, you will easily be able to get your hands on quick funds online. We made sure to find the best payday loan sites so you can quickly get approved and have the cash in your hands in just one day. Speedy Cash is an established lender that delivers quick next-day loans at variable APR rates according to your state regulations. With basic eligibility requirements, you will often be able to get approved instantly for funding online or offline even without a good credit score.

Speedy Cash is one of the best loan sites online and a top loans lender in the USA and Canada. They make it possible for you to get approved for loans ranging between $255 to $26,000 and they have amazing customer service. This provides you with great versatility and the ability to fund emergencies or larger projects. Speedy Cash customers can get a services loan by visiting their physical stores or by applying online.

However, if you just need quick cash loans, we’ve got you covered with tons of other loan services. The payday loans like Speedy Cash listed below have higher approval rates, faster funding and flexible repayment terms. Browse the payday lenders now to get approved today and forget about becoming a customer Speed Cash. Find an account Speedy Cash alternative below to get started!


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LendYou is among the top payday lenders online. Their term loans are easy to apply for and users get to choose between payday loans or installment loans. Whether you’re looking for cash loans for quick emergencies or even if you want longer term loans, you will be able to get them at LendYou. They have been in business for half a decade, providing them with the experience required to deliver quality same-day and next-day loans at affordable APR rates.

Among the reasons LendYou is placed high in this list is their support team. An excellent team of experts is behind this online lender, allowing you to get the assistance you need when you need it the most. With a simple application process, you will be able to apply in under 10 minutes and most approvals are decided instantly or within a matter of minutes. Explore their payday loan site now to get started.

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Finding Lending

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Finding Lending is another one of the excellent loan options similar to Speedy Cash online. They deliver outstanding support for all of their clients so you can have peace at mind when borrowing money online. Finding Lending is capable of providing you with personal loans ranging from $100 to $15,000 and they can also provide you with cash advance loans of short durations. These short-term loan options are the ideal solution if you’re late on receiving a pay check or even if you want to quickly rebuild you credit by taking out a small loan online and repaying it in full in under 30 days.

As a newer lender on the market, they can definitely surprise you. They are similar to places like Speedy Cash in a way, since they offer nearly instant approvals, next-day funding and their support is absolutely amazing. Don’t let the fact that Finding Lending is a newer loans provider turn you off – they have amazing terms with fast procedures and by-the-book regulations on fees, security of your information and more. Discover Finding Lending now.


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Another excellent option to consider when searching for sites like Speedy Cash is LoanSolo. They also make the process a breeze so you can rapidly sign up for a payday loan online. They accept most states in the USA and they can provide funding in just 24 hours. LoanSolo is definitely one of the best places to go if you need quick cash loans online and your credit score is less than stellar.

Loan Solo is secured by 256-Bit SSL technology, ensuring that all of your personal information remains safe during the entire process. As an indirect lender, they work with numerous private loan providers, allowing you to quickly get approved at the highest rates and the most satisfying loan repayment terms.


CashNetUSA is among the best payday loan sites online. They have it all, including fast delivery of the funds, a highly secure application environment and low rates. CashNetUSA allows you to borrow just a few hundred dollars or you can borrow thousands of dollars in the form of installment loans.

With major presence in the loans industry, CashNetUSA commercials on TV, online advertising and public announcements are not rare. They have the budget to do so because they are one of the most respected loan providers in North America, making them hand out millions of dollars in loans each and every year. Browse their website now to discover all of the amazing features that make CashNetUSA a payday loan leader.

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When searching for quick cash loans like Speed Cash, there’s no better place than 247FastFunds. They keep the application process short and simple, so you can quickly focus on getting the money you need. 247FastFunds lets you borrow up to $5,000, so it’s not quite a $1,000 payday loan site, but you can also choose to borrow lower amounts as well. Apply for a loan today and get the funds in your account in just one business day.

247FastFunds brings you a layout that feels a lot like applying at places like Speedy Cash. The simplicity of the process enforces that feeling since applying only takes 5 minutes and you’ll get an approval answer in just a few minutes as well. In most cases, the funds are wired to your checking account the next day.


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ExtraLend is another excellent place to get loans like Speedy Cash. They provide you with great support as well as fast funding, allowing you to get the money you need when you need it the most. ExtraLend has transparent rates and they compare tons of different lenders, ensuring that you always get the lowest rates. If you want to be sure to pay the lowest rates, ExtraLend is the lender for you.

Loans like Speedy Cash are available for up to $3,000, making it a quick and simple solution if you don’t have a Speedy Cash near me or if you need a little more than most Speedy Cash locations are willing to hand over. With highly affordable APR fees and the ability to get your cash on hand in under 24 hours, ExtraLend is among the top personal loans providers on the internet.

My Quick Pay

My Quick Pay is a USA direct payday lender that allows you to get credit loans fast. Whether you want to get a payday loan with low credit or even if you’re looking to rebuild your financial situation, My Quick Pay makes it a possibility. They have incredibly high approval rates as well as a highly secure platform that will ensure you get the cash loans quickly.

They are capable of lending money amounts as low as $100 or they can provide you with higher loan amounts up to a few thousand dollars. Similar to places like Speedy Cash, My Quick Pay can get your answer of approval over to you in under 1 hour. This allows you to quickly determine whether or not their financing decision was positive or negative. Apply for a payday advance loan at My Quick Pay now to receive cash by tomorrow!

Online Payday

Online Payday is an online Canadian payday loan site that allows you to get your hands on cashing loans when you need them the most. As one of the best direct lenders on the internet, Online Payday allows Canadians to get quick cash advances with low terms. These fast money loans can actually help increase your credit rating and they make it simple for you to get out of a tight financial spot.

There are few places like Speedy Cash in Canada, so Online Payday is definitely worth discovering if you’re Canadian and searching for fast funds online. They too can provide you with similar services such as next-day funding and the ability to get instantly approved for loans online. Explore one of the only Speedy Cash alternatives in Canada by visiting Online Payday now.


*Lendup is no longer an active lender.

LendUp is a great place to visit if you need cash advance loans to rebuild your credit score. They can help you get fast cash loans even if your credit history is negative. LendUp is one of the best payday loan sites online and has a very reliable environment that is trusted by millions of users every year. If you’re looking for a payday lender with amazing customer support, LendUp is the way to go.

LendUp reviews are not always positive though due to the LendUp ladder that restricts you to $250 loans to start. As you may good repayments, you will be able to get approved for higher loan amounts further down the line, but it can truly be restrictive if you need quick cash now and they can’t borrow more money than $250 at a time.

Are Online Loans like Speedy Cash Legit?

One of the very difficult things to understand when applying for a loan online is whether or not the lender is legitimate. You want to ensure that you are providing your personal details to trustworthy sources only.

As a very regulated industry, every financial institution must abide by their local laws – whether they are borrowing money online or offline. However, not all online lenders follow proper guidelines.

Thankfully, with our list of loan providers above, you should easily be able to find online loans like Speedy Cash that you can trust. We’ve vetted all of the options in this list so you can be sure that you’re getting your funds from a reputable lender.

How do Interest Rates Work With Small Loans?

Interesting question! Interest rates are often referred to as APR (annual percentage rate). This is an annualized interest rate that is paid along with your regular payments.

For instance, if you have a loan with an APR of 12% and a loan amount of $1,000, the monthly interest you would pay would be 1% of the loan (about $10 per month).

Always look at the APR rates before accepting a loan as this can have a huge impact on what you end up repaying. Smaller term loans tend to have much steeper interest rates, so you could quickly end up paying a small fortune if you’re not cautious.

Can I Apply for Loans Like Speedy Cash from Mobile?

Yes! All of the lenders in our list above allow you to quickly and easily apply for funding from a mobile device including smartphones or tablets. You don’t need a computer or a car to get funding by tomorrow.

Explore the options and make sure to find one that suits your needs. Whether you need title loans, payday loans like Speedy Cash or even a personal loan that your bank account provider just wouldn’t approve you for, the options above can make it happen overnight.

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