What Are the Benefits That Are Associated With Cremation?

In 2021, the cremation rate in the US was projected to be nearly 58%.

More people are choosing cremation over burial these days. That statistic might leave you wondering what the benefits of cremation are. 

Cremation is less expensive than a burial and it gives you plenty of options for storage of the remains. There are also environmental advantages to cremation and it’s a great option whether or not you want a funeral service.

To learn more about each of these cremation benefits, keep reading.

Cremation Is Less Expensive

The costs can quickly become overwhelming when a family member or friend passes. If cost is an issue then you should know that cremation is significantly less expensive than a traditional funeral and burial.

When you cremate, there’s no need for a casket, which can run thousands of dollars. And if you choose to keep the remains in cremation urns or other storage options, you eliminate the costs of a headstone, burial plot, and cemetery fees.

Many Types of Urns and Burial Options

When you cremate, the ashes can be kept in many types of urns. Beyond a traditional urn, you may choose cremation jewelry, cremation beads, and other unique storage options. You may choose to share the urn among family members or each take some of the remains.

Ashes can be spread in a memorable place, such as a park or in the ocean. You may also choose to bury the urn or have it entombed in a crypt. You can also have the urn buried on a family member’s property with a memorial tablet or bench.

The options for what you can do with ashes are endless and there’s something to suit every budget and need.

Environmental Benefits

Burial plots and cemeteries are lands that can never be reused. By choosing to cremate, you’re reducing your environmental impact by saving that land space.

In addition, cremation doesn’t require embalming. Embalming for burial requires harsh chemicals that are then leaked into the soil as a body decomposes. 

Finally, cremation urns can be purchased in biodegradable materials that won’t harm the earth as they decompose. There are types of urns made of wood, clay, and even paper.

Cremation Ceremony Options

When you cremate, you can choose to have a cremation ceremony or not.

Direct cremation refers to cremation without a ceremony. The ashes are simply handed to the family and no memorial service follows. This is an appropriate choice in many cases.

Alternatively, you can choose to have a ceremony akin to that of a traditional funeral service. There can be a viewing and funeral ceremony, with or without a burial. Many families find this option more therapeutic and comforting.

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More people are choosing cremation these days than burial. Cremation is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than a traditional burial. It also gives you plenty of options in terms of what to do with the remains and how to hold the ceremony.

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