Urbanization Can Be Different

Traveling around the world is one of the most interesting and fascinating hobbies. There are many places to visit. Some of them can become favorites, some can shock. In all cases, the road to them will take much time. During your wait at the airport or seaport or during the trip by road you might get bored. In this case, the best way to remove your boredom is to check the woo casino review and test your luck. 

      Gray identical low-rise buildings and glass skyscrapers with neon signs and colorful billboards can be found in different cities of the world. But some of them more than others resemble the dystopian world of the future described in science fiction books and films. 

Pyongyang, North Korea

      For many years, the DPRK has been considered the most closed country in the world. It is not easy to get here, and tourists who have visited Pyongyang say that they felt constant surveillance.

       Travelers are not allowed to move freely around the country and its capital. The groups are accompanied by guides who lead tourists along strictly agreed routes. Residents of Pyongyang hardly communicate with foreigners and work very hard. Their working day starts early and lasts about eight and a half hours from Monday to Saturday. According to travelers from different countries, the atmosphere of Pyongyang resembles a Soviet city of the middle of the last century with sculptures of leaders, clean and deserted streets, and pompous and one-faced buildings.

Seul, South Korea

       Seoul is at least two thousand years old, but there are almost no traces of previous eras in the city. The metropolis is built up with bizarre skyscrapers and filled with luminous advertising screens. On the streets of the city, it is difficult to meet a passer-by who would not look at his smartphone. Modern Seoul can be called the prototype of Night City as a fictional city from the popular computer game Cyberpunk 2077. However, living in Seoul is clearly more pleasant.

Cairo, Egypt

      Cairo is a city of the same type and at the same time perfectly conveys oriental flavor. There are few high-rise buildings in the Egyptian capital. Low-rise buildings of brown and sand colors prevail here, many of which are not even completed. At the same time, some of the poor townspeople even live in boats, eating fish caught in the Nile.

      It is easy to get lost in Cairo, as the houses are similar to each other, and some even look exactly the same. If Cairo were a dystopia, it would be described as a city of the past with scary stories about mummies and sand people.

Manila, Philippines

      Manila is a vivid example of a city that lives both in the past and in the future, and that the “city hell” exists not only in the imagination of writers. The port capital of the Philippines combines modern skyscrapers, Spanish colonial architecture, and frightening poverty.

      The first impression of Manila can be deceiving – at first it seems to tourists that they are in an Asian fairy tale, but each new walk changes this feeling. Travelers begin to pay attention to dirt, unpleasant smells, loud noises, and crowds and feel a sense of danger due to possible robberies. The tired and sad faces of the residents and many homeless people are striking. In general, the city looks like a chaotic world.

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