Top 4 Tips to Better Your Golf Swing

Did you know that golf is the tenth most popular sport in the world? It has over 450 million fans!

If you’re a current golfer or are considering starting, you might want to improve your stroke. While it can seem difficult at times to improve, it doesn’t have to be!

Wondering where to begin? Read this guide on how to improve your golf swing and get a hole-in-one in no time. 

1. Perfect Golf Swing

Check out this page to find some gorgeous Bali golf courses to practice! Have your feet flared out about ten feet to have the perfect swing. 

If you’d like your hips to turn more, keep the lead foot at 25 degrees. Place alignment behind the heels. 

Have the club rest flat behind the ball. Have your hands flow straight down from the shoulders for a better golf swing. 

Keep your knees bent and your upper body tilted forward and straight. The right hand should be lower than the left. 

The shaft of the club needs to be angled forward slightly. The feet need to be parallel to the target line. 

2. Release and Extension

This occurs when the golf swing happens after impact with the ball. Both of your arms are fully extended during the release. 

Your spine angle needs to be identical to that of the impact position. You shouldn’t straighten your body. 

Your hands and forearm need to roll during the downswing. This allows your bottom hand to lead your top hand toward the target. 

3. Have Good Posture

Your golf swing techniques need to have perfect posture. You’ll have a more fluid pivot when you swing. 

Without proper form, your body will tense up and won’t be able to rotate well in the upper body and hips. You might lose control of the clubface during the swing. 

Focus on your posture when you go to swing. Ensure the ball, knees, and shoulders are in line with each other. 

Relax the back. This will allow you to rotate your body well and improve your tempo. 

If anything is out of place, it’ll cause your body to make compensation as it swings. Be consistent and keep a solid form throughout. 

Through consistency, you’ll be able to have better shots going forward. Without the proper distribution, you might not have a strong swing.

4. Avoid Strong Golf Grip

Avoid having a strong golf grip since you might make a mistake in the swing. This is when the left hand is rolled over the top of the grip, and the right hand is underneath. 

This causes the hand to roll over and work outside of the takeaway. Always keep a neutral golf grip and avoid weak grips as well. 

The Top Tips for a Better Golf Swing

After exploring this guide, you should better understand the top tips for a better golf swing. Take your time deciding which action is best.

Would you like to read more informative lifestyle content? Be sure to check out our other articles today! 



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