The Different Types of Bouquet Flowers That Are Popular Today

Floral bouquets can be used for all kinds of occasions. Whether you’re planning a wedding, needing a centerpiece for a dinner party or you want a vase of flowers for your bedroom, it’s fun to learn about types of bouquet flowers that are popular.

This year is no different. So, if you want to get a bouquet that will be the talk of everyone who sees it, here are some florals that are currently trending.


Orchids are the peak of elegance. Although they’re in season in the spring, you can find some varieties year-round.

If you take good care of them, they will last from six to eight weeks. That makes them ideal for all bouquet arrangements.


The most classic flower is the rose. Plus, nothing says “romance” like a bouquet of roses will.

This year, it’s all about looking for pink ones. It doesn’t matter which shade of pink because they’re all currently in style. If you’d like a bouquet of fresh roses now, feel free to order here.

One of the Underrated Types of Bouquet Flowers: Dyed Carnations

Once known for being “filler flowers”, carnations are making a strong comeback. They’re appearing in centerpieces on home décor blogs and wedding bouquets in bridal magazines.

Contact your local florist to see what colors they can dye carnations in. This year, the more outside-of-the-box, the better.


Speaking of types of bouquet flowers, are you planning an outdoor summer wedding? If so, some of the best flowers to get are cosmos.

They look like smaller daisies. They’re also in season during the summer months which makes them really affordable among florists.

Dried Flowers

As far as types of bouquets go, the best florist in town will tell you that dried flowers are popular right now. This is the kind of bouquet that would be perfect for a dinner party centerpiece. Baby’s breath, dried pampas grass, and wildflowers are some of the trending flowers for this arrangement.

Mono-Floral Arrangements

When you’re out buying flowers for a bouquet at home, consider a mono-floral arrangement. It’s a bouquet that consists of the same flowers.

Does that sound boring to you? If so, just remember that the same flowers don’t all have to be the same color.

You can experiment with as many different hues as you would like. By the way, butter yellow, neutrals, and olive oil are other popular colors this year.

Textured Bouquets

Are you someone who likes to play around with different flower types? If so, you’ll love the textured bouquet trend. It’s all about creating contrast with different flowers.

For instance, you might want to combine tulips with wooden branches or some marigolds with some bunches of berries. Textured bouquets are a wonderful idea. That’s because you can create bouquets that are both unique and eye-catching.

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