The Best Outdoor Pool Table Money Can Buy

Did you know that around 36 million people in the United States of America enjoy playing pool? There are many places where you can enjoy a nice game of billiards, but none is better than playing in the great outdoors with an outdoor pool table. If you have a nice patio or lounge area around your home then you need to look into pool tables for sale.

Getting outdoor pool tables is a great idea, but you need to do your research in order to find the best table with a pool table cover. The good news is that you’re in the perfect spot to learn all about the best pool table for outside that money can buy.

Keep reading this article to learn more about finding the right outdoor pool table for your home.

Fusion Outdoor Slate Bed Pool Table

There are tons of great qualities that your family will love about the Fusion Outdoor Slate Bed Pool Table. This table has a glass cover that allows it to double as an outdoor dining table. It is built with robust materials that are designed to last through everything that Mother Nature can throw your way.

If you have a contemporary style to the furniture that you have on your patio then this outdoor pool table will make a perfect addition. It also comes with adjustable height, making it perfect for players of all sizes and ages.

It is made of weather-resistant plywood and steel slate support. The aluminum legs also make this outdoor pool table stand out from the competition. You’ll get everything that you need for a fun day of playing pool in the great outdoors when you buy this outdoor pool table.

Tempo Garden 7-Foot Outdoor Slate Bed Pool Table

The Tempo Garden pool table for outside is another robust option that you should consider. This table is the same size as the Fusion Outdoor pool table but it offers more luxurious styling for a lounge or patio area with a touch of class.

Their outdoor pool tables are constructed of waterproof fiberglass in order to create a beautiful style with unmatched durability. They’re a bit heavy, so you might want to look into hiring pool table movers when the time comes to move to a new home. Check out Muscleman Moving when you’re ready to move to your new residence with your outdoor pool table.

It comes with two cues and everything else that you’ll need for a relaxing game of billiards in your backyard. It also has aluminum rails so it will have no problem standing up to rain and other forms of condensation.

Signature Tournament Pro 7-Foot Outdoor Pool Table

Another great option to consider when you’re looking for pool tables for sale is the Signature Tournament Pro. This English pool table is as heavy-duty as they come, making it perfect for your patio or pool area. It is made of the same materials as plywood cabinets so it is quite strong compared to its competitors.

You can make this pool table work almost anywhere around your home. It is a perfect fit for a garage, a patio, or a basement. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an outdoor pool table that handles humidity as well as the Signature Tournament Pro.

It isn’t strictly made for outdoor use, but it is a great option if you need a pool table for a part of your home that isn’t protected from temperature and weather. There are two different sizes to consider, so you’ll need to decide if the 6-foot or 7-foot size is better.

This table comes with everything that you’ll need to play billiards and it includes a noise-reducing ball return system. You’ll love this pool table no matter if it is inside or out.

Toulet Broadway Outdoor Pool Table

The Toulet Broadway is another fusion table that meets multiple needs outside of your home. It is quite stylish when it has the cover on it due to the colors and the pattern that it features. These tables also have multiple size options so you’ll have no issues fitting them where you want around your home.

It has a glass top that will slide over the pool table to make it an extra area for diners to enjoy barbeque and other meals when guests are over. These tables also have an anti-rust treatment that makes them a perfect fit for outdoor use.

These tables come with four cues and everything else that you’ll need to start playing as soon as they arrive. Even the ball return system features the same anti-rust treatment for everything to continue working for years to come.

Pureline California Outdoor Slate Pool Table

If you’re looking for an outdoor pool table that offers quite a bit of versatility then the Pureline California might be your best bet. This table has a modern and sleek appearance to it which makes a perfect addition to any outdoor area around your home. It serves the double purpose of acting as an outdoor pool table as well as a dining table when the pool table cover is installed.

You can use this outdoor pool table inside or outside depending on your preference. It also comes with a kit to allow you and your friends to play table tennis on it when that suits you. The table is made with powder-coated aluminum to protect against the elements and look new for years.

You’ll need to decide which finish matches your home’s outdoor area better since there is a white finish and a stone finish. It comes with everything that you’ll need to start playing today.

Get Your New Outdoor Pool Table Today

Getting an outdoor pool table is an exciting investment, especially with summer right around the corner. There are many great options when it comes to pool tables for sale, though you can’t go wrong with double-purpose pool tables like the Pureline California or the Fusion Outdoor pool table.

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