Planning Your Own Funeral: Funeral Arrangements Checklist

About 2.4 million funerals take place each year. Planning a funeral is one of the hardest tasks your family has to endure when you’re gone.

But you can make it easier on them by preplanning funeral preparations as much as possible. This funeral arrangements checklist will help you make sure you cover as much as possible, so your loved ones don’t have to.

Have a Will

Your will dictates everything. It includes whether your family should try to resuscitate you, who gets what, and what funeral arrangements are in place. A will is a vital part of any end of life plan.

So before you plan anything else for your funeral, make sure your will is in place. You can typically get a simple will for a flat fee of less than $1000.

Make Plans for Your Body When You’re Gone

Do you want to be buried or cremated, and if so, where? Do you want a traditional or green burial? Is there a mausoleum with your name on it?

What about your casket or cremation container or urn? What about your tombstone or grave marker? What will you wear?

If you decide to go with a burial, make sure you choose a site for where you want to be buried.

It’s smart to work with a funeral home for as much of this as possible. But if you make any payments, make sure you understand how your money is protected. What happens if you change your mind, or you die out of town, or the funeral home goes out of business?

Plan the Funeral

Figuring out how to plan a funeral is like planning any major event — it takes work.

Decide who will be your pallbearers. Write your obituary (as much as possible) and pick out passages you want others to read and the people who will read them. Select the music you want to be played.

If you want any other media, plan that too. Pick the picture you want to display and decide if you want anyone to speak at your funeral.

Leave Something Behind

When making funeral arrangements, many people also put together a video or series of letters to their loved ones. This can be life lessons you’re worried you won’t be able to teach your kids, a love letter for your spouse, or anything else you feel is left unsaid.

Some people prepay for floral arrangements or cards at specific times throughout the lives of their loved ones. This way, they keep getting signs of love from you.

Let Your Family Know

Make sure your family knows how to access this information, so your planning isn’t wasted. They’ll be grateful you’ve done so.

This Funeral Arrangements Checklist Makes Your Passing Easier

Saying goodbye to a loved one is always hard. But by using this funeral arrangements checklist, you can make it easier for your family when it’s time to go.

Plan as much as possible, and pay for it too. Make sure your family knows where to access the information, and enjoy your time together while you have it.

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