How to Tell If Your Partner Is Faking It

Around 80% of women fake orgasms.

Luckily, this statistic is going down as women feel more empowered to open up about what they want in bed. While many women are practicing sexual liberation, many still feel timid when it comes to demanding pleasure.

There are a ton of reasons women may be scared to confront their partner about this topic. There’s a stigma surrounding women who speak up, which paints them to be controlling, whiney, and for lack of a better term, bitches.

This stigma translates to the bedroom as many women don’t want to seem difficult. Also, your partner may not want to hurt your feelings. 

The truth is, your partner faking it is not only taking away from her experience but yours as well.

Keep reading to learn how you can tell if she’s faking it, as well as how to fix the problem!


How You Can Tell If Your Partner is Faking It

Women faking orgasms is a topic on the mind of men everywhere.

Women have almost become experts at faking it, so it can be hard to tell. Well, here’s how you can tell if she’s faking an orgasm:

She Comes After Being Asked To

Having an orgasm isn’t like a wish from a fairy godmother.

You can’t just request that your partner has an orgasm and poof! She’s coming and fantasizing about what a stud you are. If you asked your partner to come and she did, this isn’t a victory.

Also, if you keep asking over and over again if she came, it’s not a coincidence if she finally says “yes!”

I hate to break it to you, but she’s probably telling you she came to get you off her back! I mean, who wants to feel like they’re closing in on a due date when they’re trying to orgasm? Nobody!

An orgasm isn’t going to happen from pressure, and if you’re putting it on, she’s less likely to actually have one. Giving your partner a mind-blowing orgasm can’t come from rubbing a magic lamp. Well, unless that magic lamp is her clit. 

It takes a little bit of work to give most women an orgasm so don’t try to take the easy way out by pestering her to finish.

You Didn’t Engage in Foreplay

Sure, a guy can get off by sex alone most of the time.

In fact, men faking an orgasm is a bit of a joke, because it’s pretty obvious when they come. Well, women are completely different. Foreplay is essential for a female orgasm because foreplay involves stimulating the clit.

If you’re scratching your head at that sentence, I can tell you right now that your partner is faking it. You see, the clit has around 8,000 nerve endings. Plus, it’s the only organ in the body that has the sole purpose of providing pleasure.

If you skip over giving attention to the clit, your partner probably won’t get enough pleasure from penetration alone. Also, if you don’t last that long in bed, you’re probably finishing before she even has a chance to get close.

(If you’re experiencing this problem, check out a guide on lasting longer in bed)

Think of foreplay as a trip with your friend. You’re driving two separate cars and your friend lives a lot farther from the destination than you. So, do you leave at the same time?

No! You give them a headstart so you can get to your location at the same time.

Well, think of foreplay as the headstart and the orgasm as arriving. Women need a little bit of a headstart, so give them the clit attention they need orally to get them there.


She Wants to Switch It Up

Why fix what isn’t broken?

There are a lot of reasons why we switch up our typical sex routine. Maybe we want to try something new that we saw or heard about, or maybe we’re feeling a little extra kinky that night. Or, maybe it means something isn’t going how your partner wants it to.

Switching up when it comes to sex can be totally innocent, but it can also signal a problem on your partner’s end. Asking to try something new may be your partner’s way of subtly telling you she isn’t coming. If you’ve been having sex and she’s seemed to be really into it, it wouldn’t make a ton of sense why she would want to do a 180 switch.

That is, unless she hasn’t been feeling the fireworks that she’s been pretending to experience.

Many women don’t feel comfortable asking for what they deserve, especially in the beginning of the relationship. They fear that they’ll hurt your feelings or that there’s something wrong with them for not finishing in the current routine. It’s important to listen and avoid getting offended or acting judgemental if this happens.

Remember, she deserves to finish as much as you do so you may need to be willing to adjust if she has some new requests!

So, if your partner approaches you with some changes, do what they ask. Treat sex with an open mind, and you’ll notice that you both benefit from making necessary changes!

Her Orgasms Are Different Suddenly

You may think that you know your partner’s sexual emotions and signals like the back of your hand.

Just as you think you’ve figured out what gets her to the finish line, she has a much different response. Instead of the same half-ass moan and then expressionless walk to the bathroom, you notice an explosion. She’s sweating, contracting, and squealing in pleasure, before rolling onto her back into recovery.

“Where did this come from?” you ask. Well, this is what her real orgasm looks like.

If you feel like her “orgasm” looks different all of the sudden, then odds are that she was faking the orgasms before.

Is She Faking It?

Now that you know the signs, you can tell if your partner is faking it.

Do some experimenting and talk with her to figure out what you can do differently. Trust us, it will be worth it.

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